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What is a physicists conception of an object?
a set of molecules that adhere and move together.
What is a psychologists view of an object?
a collection of connected features (edges & forms); a figure that stands out from the background; the focus of an observers attention.
Object Recognition
depends on our ability to detect and group elements
How do we group elements?
Gestalt Principles of Organization
Principle of Pragnanz
Elements are grouped together to from the most simple or prevalent figure. (physical contours/illusory contours)
Principle of Similarity
Gestalt principle--elements that are similar to eachother are grouped together (similar colors, similar shapes in rows or columns)
Principle of Good Continuation
Gestalt Principle--Elements following the same direction are grouped together (animation slides)
Principle of Proximity
Gestalt Principle--Elements that are close together are grouped together.(Spaced out dots in columns, or space between rows)
Principle of Common Fate
Gestalt Principle--elements that move together are grouped toegether