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C=(U x V)/P, urince concetration times urine flow rate divided by blood concentration
The clearance of a substance that is freely filtered but not reasborbed or secreted is equal to ____.
____ and ___ are substances whose clearance is equal to their GFR.
creatine, inulin
There is a ____ relationship btwn GFR and plasma creatine concentration.
BUN is used clinically to gain a rough estimate of ___.
PAH is used to calculate ____.
effective renal clearance
(1-HCT) x RBF
Urine ouput= ___ +____
osmolar clearance, free water clearance
Free water clearance is a ____ number when urine is more dilute than plasma, and a ____ number whene urine is more concentrated.
positive, negative
Filtered load= ___ x ____
GFR x Px
Fractional excretion rate= ____/____
amount excreted/ amt filtered or Cx/GFR
amount excreted= ____ x ____
[U] x urine flow rate (v)
_____ is the proprtion of renal plasma flow that is filtered, ____/_____.
Filtration fraction, GFR/RPF
Normal GFR is ____, RPF is ___, and filtration fraction is ___.
125ml/min, 600ml/min, 20%