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Approximately 50% of the filtered urea is reabsorbed by the ____ tubule via ____ ____ and ___ mechanisms.
proximal, transcellular, paracellular simple diffusion
In the loop of henle, distal tubule and cortical collecting duct urea concentration _____.
Urea concentration in the loop of henle increases because of _____ via _____ diffusion.
secretion, facilitated (created by medullary collecting duct)
Urea concentration in the distal tubule and collecting duct _____ due to ____.
increases, urea impermeability and water reabsorption
Cells of the ____ collecting duct are permeable to urea and favor _____.
medullary, reabsorption
The driving force for facilitated diffusion of urea into the loop of henle is created by ____.
medula collecting ducts reabsorption of urea
At very low flow rates where water reabsorption is ___, urea excretion is ___.
high, high (BUN rises)
Creatine unlike Urea is independent of ____ rate, and therefore BUN to creatine will be ____ during hemorrhage.
flow, elevated
Glucose reabsorption is coupled to ____ via the ______ on the apical membrane of the ____.
Na, Na/glucose cotransporter (SGLT1 & 2), proximal tubule
Non charged forms of weak acids and bases cross the epithelial membrane through ____.
passive diffusion
PTH ____ phosphate reabsorption by _____.
inhibits, lowering transport maxima (endocytic removal of NaPi tranporters through phosphoryation by PKC and PKA)
Vitamin D ____ phosphate reabsorption.
stimulates (increases NaPi transporters)
Ca is reabsorbed by paracellular mechanisms in the _____ tubule.
proximal (positive lumen)
Ca reabsorption in the thick ascending limb and distal tubule through _____ mechanism via ____ on the apical membrane.
transcellular, ECaC, (basolateral Ca-ATPase and Na/Ca exchanger efflux)
PTH and vitamin D ____ Ca reabsorption, by ____ and ____, respectively.
increase, opening apical Ca-channels, Ca-binding protein that decreases ionic Ca favoring influx