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Using cosmetics to create a new imagefor a client is one of the services of a _____.
Makeup artist
You need _____ to achieve true professionalism.
Taking deep breaths is a useful technique to ______.
Stay calm under stress
Takine care of yourself in a profession like cosmetology prevents _____ and _____.
stress and burnout
_____ is not an activity that involves aerobic exercises.
Cleaning, fresh-smelling and, well-maintained clothes are part of good ______ ______.
Personal grooming
Alllowing extra time for consultation is particularly important when ______.
A _______ ______ is used primarily to record information from the consultation.
Consultation card
______ and a ______ are two of the items that are helpful to prepaing for a client consultation.
Hairstyling books and a portfolio
________ bacteria are harmful
Certain bacteria form spores with tough outer coverings during their inactive stage. An example would be _____.
Disinfected implements should be stored in a container that has been ______.
An effective disinfectant solution is required when using _____ _____ cleaners.
Ultrasonic bath
_______ are too strong to use on hair, skin, or nails.
A ______ ______ ______ ______ on every product used in cosmetology school or salon is required by federal law.
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
The only device that can be used to disinfect implements is the _____ ______.
Wet sanitizer
An _____ is the smallest particle of a/an element that still retains the properties of that element.
The four most important factors in a hair analysis are _____, ____, _____, and _____.
Texture, densisty, prosity, and elasticity
______ is defined as the hair's ability to absorb moisture
The average daily rate of hair loss is ____ to ____ hairs.
The ____ is the part of the hair in which changes take place during oxidation haircoloring, permanent waving, and wet setting.
The _____ is the tube-like depression in the skin that contains the hair root.
_____ _____ simplex is marked by dry dandruff.
Pityriasis caitis
______ is a contagious skin disease caused by the itch mite.
An infestation of the hair and scalp with head lice is called _____ _____.
Pediculosis capitis
The client's ____ ____ is a conseration when choosing new haircolor.
skin tone
Chemicals can be used to alter ____ _____.
wave patterns
In order to balance facial features, you might use _____ hair design.
The three basic profiles are ____, _____, and _____.
Concave, convex, and straight
The three zones of the faces for desgn purposes are...
Forehead to eyebrows, eyebrows to end of nose, end of nose to the bottom of chin.
A scalp conditioner is useful for a client with a ____ scalp.
To penetrate the corex, use _____ _____ ______.
concentrated protein conditioner
_______ are ingredients in conditioners that promote the retention of moisture.
For elderly clients who are experiencing discomfort at the shampoo bowl, use a ____ ____.
Dry shampoo
Acidity and alkalinity are measured by ____ _____.
pH levels
The angle at which the hair is wrapped determines the _____ ______.
Base control
Base section are usually the length and width of the ____ ____.
Perm tool
The size of the cul is determined by the size of the ____ _____.
Perm tool
Through a chemical reaction called reduction, permanent waving solution breaks the ______ bonds.
______ rods have a smaller circumference in the center.
To control hair ends when winding the hair on perm tools, use ____ _____.
End papers
The hair is wrapped at an angle other than perpendicular to the length of the tool in the technique called ______ ______.
Spiral wrapping
To properly process resistant hair when permanent waving, it is particularly important to _______ ___ ______.
Saturate it thoroughly.
Resistant hair that resists pentration by chemicals has a _____ cuticle.
The strongest side bonds are the ______ bonds.
Hair with low porosity has a _____ cuticle.
The hair texture likely to take color faster than others is _____ hair.
Bleachin or decolorizing is also called ______.
The term _____ or ______ is used to describe a color's warmth or coolness.
tone, tonality