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Which rami supply lower limb?
What are the 2 plexi of the lower limb?
Where does the lumbar plexus happen?
Within psoas.
Lumbar plexus is formed by
Ventral rami of L1-L4 and within psoas.
Where can you see the nerves exiting?
Under anterior or medial border of psoas/ lateral border onto ant. surface
What are the 2 nerves that emerge from the lateral border of psoas onto iliacus?
-Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh.(L2,L3)
-femoral nerve
What is the pathway of the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh and what does it do?
-Swings onto iliacus,pops beneath inguinal ligt. and supplies skin down lateral side of thigh.
Where does the femoral n. run?
Runs in groove between psoas and iliacus.(Nerve of ant. compartment of thigh-EXTENSORS)
Femoral nerve supplies
Anterior compt. of thigh(EXTENSORS)--> post. divisions.
What is the 3rd branch of the lumbar plexus?
Genitofemoral nerve(from ant. surface of psoas)
What does the femoral branch of the genitofemoral n. supply?
Area of skin overlying the femoral triangle.
What does the genital branch of the genitofemoral n. supply?
Spermatic cord.
Sacral plexus is joined by what?
Lumbosacral trunks(part of lumbar plexus left over)
What is the 4th nerve of lumbar plexus?
Obturator nerve.
What is the course of the obturator n. ?
Starts on the MEDIAL border of psoas and runs into pelvis and through obturator canal.
What is the nerve of the ADDUCTOR(medial)compt. of the thigh?
Obturator nerve.
What is the nerve of the ant. division of thigh?
Femoral nerve
Femoral n. is made up of
Post. division fibres which give L2,L3,L4
Femoral n.
Femoral n. runs from
Lateral border of thigh.
Femoral artery and vein are enclosed in
Femoral sheath.
Femoral nerve is long.
False.It's short-2.5 cm.
What is the orientation of the femoral n. wrt the artery and vein?
Nerve--> Artery---> Vein.
What happens to femoral n. beneath inguinal ligt.?
It breaks up into terminal branches(motor to ant. cpt of leg)
Which muscles do the motor branch of the femoral n. supply?
Which branch of femoral n. goes down adductor canal?
Saphenous n.
When does the saphenous n. become cutaneous?
On medial side of leg and foot upto 1st metatarsal joint.
Obturator n. is made up of
Anterior divisions-L2,L3,L4
Obturator n. is
nerve of the adductor region of thigh.
From where does the obturator n. emerge?
Medial side of psoas.
Obturator n. goes through which foramen?
Obturator foramen in pelvis.
What is the sensory supply of the obturator n.?
-Peritoneum of walls of pelvis
- Area of skin around adductors.(medial side of thigh)
Sciatic n. supplies
Remaining part of leg and thigh.
Which branch is the sciatic n. from?
Sacral plexus(L4-L5,S1-S3)
How does the sciatic n. emerge into the gluteal region?
From beneath inferior border of piriformus.
Sciatic n. runs
Vertically down the back of thigh and directly behind hip joint.
Which nerve is endangered during a post. dislocation of hip joint/
Sciatic nerve.
Superior gluteal n.,branch of the sciatic n., supplies which muscles?
Gluteus medius and minimus.
Which muscle does the inferior gluteal nerve supply?
Gluteus maximus.(below piriformus)
Posterior gluteal nerve of thigh is a
Cutaneous nerve and supplies skin down back of leg.
When does the sciatic n.(more like 2 nerves in 1 sheath) divide?
2/3 way down
Into what does the sciatic n. divide?
-Tibial nerve
-Common peroneal nerve
Which nerve supply hamstrings?
Sciatic n.(motor)-tibial compartment of sciatic n. excluding short head of biceps,supplied by common peroneal n.
Short head of biceps is supplied by
Common peroneal nerve.
Which nerve goes down through popliteal fossa with vessels?
Tibial nerve.
What is the orientation of neurovasculature in popliteal fossa?
What is the course of the common peroneal nerve?
Runs down lateral side of popliteal fossa,next to border of biceps femori--->winds round neck of fibula---> sinks into perineus longus.
Which nerve supplies the posterior compartment of the leg(calf) ?
Tibial nerve
Which group of muscles are present in the calf region of the leg?
Flexor muscles in the leg are supplies by
Anterior division fibres made up of L4-L5,S1-S3.
Tibial n. is a direct continuation straight down of sciatic n.
Below the knee, which nerve runs in the posterior compartment of the leg?
Tibial nerve
What is the course of the tibial nerve?
-Tucks in beneath fibrous arch of soleus and runs down in deep muscles(behind post. popliteal vessels)
-Passes behind medial malleolus and onto sole of foot.
Tibial n. divides into plantar branches
Which branch of the sciatic n. supplies anterior and lateral compartment of leg?
Common peroneal nerve.
Common peroneal nerve is made up of
Posterior division fibres-L4/L5,S1/S2
Which movements are associated with common peroneal nerve?
Eversion and extension.
Into what does the common peroneal n. divide into?
-Superficial peroneal n.
-Deep peroneal n.
Deep peroneal n. supplies
ANTERIOR compartment of leg.
Superficial peroneal n. supplies
Lateral cpt--> Evertor cpt.
Superficial peroneal n. supplies perineus longus and brevis.
Deep peroneal n. follow anterior tibial vessels onto
Dorsum of foot.
Deep peroneal n. runs beneath
Extensor retinaculum.
Each of the major muscle groups or cpts in lower limb is primarily innervated by
One or more peripheral nerves that originates from lumbar and sacral plexuses.
What supply large muscles in the gluteal region?
Superior and Inferior gluteal nerves.
What supplies ant. cpt of thigh?
Femoral nerve
Medial cpt of thigh is supplied by
Obturator nerve
Tibial part of sciatic nerve supplies
-Post. cpt of thigh
-Post. cpt of leg
-Sole of foot.(except short head of biceps)
Common peroneal part of sciatic n. supplies
-Anterior cpt of leg
-Lateral cpt. of leg
-Dorsum of foot.
Each of the major peripheral nerves that originates from lumbar and sacral plexuses carries
Sensory info. from an area of skin.
Which area of skin does the femoral n. innervate?
-Skin on Ant./Medial thigh
-Skin on medial side of leg and foot.
Obturator n . innervates
Medial side of thigh.
Tibial part of sciatic n. innervates
Lateral side of ANKLE & FOOT.
Common peroneal n. innervates which part of skin?
-Lateral side of LEG
-Dorsum of foot.
Lat. cutaneous n. of thigh and post. cutaneous n. of thigh branch directly from plexus.
Knee extension is
L3, L4
Knee flexion is
L5, S1
Inversion is
Eversion is
L5, S1
Dorsiflexion of ankle is
L4, L5
Plantar flexion is
S1, S2