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Considerations in Selecting a test include:
1) Independence of observation
2)Level of Measurement
3)Sample Size
4)Normal Distribution
5) Types of Samples
7)Assumptions for Multiple Regressions
Independence of Observation
must be met
Level of Measurement
manner in which you have defined and operationalized your variables directly affects the statistical procedures available
Data must meet the following criteria to be considered an Interval
1) Be ranked on 5+ levels
2) Come from a normal distribution
3) Result from a large sample
Mutliple Regression require that the sample of data be analyzed...
Contain 10x more cases (subjects) than variables
1-Sample t-test best use...
Whether a sample conforms to the parameters of a population
Independent t-tests
Signficant differences between 2 different samples
Paired t-tests
Signficant changes within the same group
A statistical test is robust when it produces accurate findings, even when assumptions are violated