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what is used for acute treatment of alcohol withdrawal

a benzo yo
temazepam and flurazepam are benzos used for what
sleep disorders
MOA of buspirone
stimulates 5HT1 receptors

non benzo used to Tx chronic long term anxiety
barbiturates are contraindicated in what dz (heme)
acute intermittent porphyria (bc barbs increase porphyrin synth)
phenobarbital....main uses
long acting barbiturate

used in longer term seizure disorder control, status epilepticus, Pg women (eclampsia), children w recurrent febrile seizure

note - acute status epilepticus - diazepam or lorazepam
prevention w phenobarb
non barbiturate hypnotics
chloral hydrate and meprobamate
insomnia drugs
the Zs -zolpidem and zeleplon
big side effects of anti histamines
anti M effects ...some have drowsiness

these cannot be taken w MAO inhibitors - why, MAO normally breaks down histamine. if you take H blockers and MAOIs at the same time, you can cause anaphyaxis
where are H1 and H2 receptors found
H2 only in stomach - stimulate gastric HCl secretion

H1 everyhwhere else...allergies
generation 1 H1 blockers
cross BBB, cause sedation
2nd generation H1 blockers
do not cause drowsiness, predispose to arrythmias, esp torsades, if given w macrolides, azoles
situations in which antihistamines are contraindicated
think....dont want to block M in ppl who have M problems

antihistamines contra'd in BPH, bladder obstruction, narrow angle (Acute angle) glaucoma
chlorpheniramine..what is it
1st generation H1 blocker

used for allergic rhinitis
hydroxyzine what is it..
1st gen h1 blocker

used for allergy associated pruritis
how can you tell difference between pericarditis and STEMI on ekg...they both have ST elevation
pericarditis - ST elevation in MOST leads

STEMI - ST elevation w hyperacute Ts in leads involved w the infarct
tall peaked T waves on EKG - ST elevation w them
hyperkalemia, baby