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What are sedimentary structures?
Teatures that form from the sedaments while the sedaments are being deposited.
How can the current direction be determined from an asymmetrical ripple mark?
Steep side faces down. Current form in shallow water wave zone.
How do mud cracks form?
wet sedaments dry out and shrink and contract..makes tension cracks
What do swash marks indicate?
The point of maximum upwash of the waves.
What is cross stratification?

draw a sketch
Normally occurs in sand stones, forms by migrating sand dunes or sand bars
List two organic sedimentary structures

Cross-stratification generally occurs in what type of sedimentary rock?
What is graded bedding?
Decrease in grain size upward due to a deposition by turb...
come back to
What two things might a geologist learn from studying sedimentary structures?
Environment depositions

acient current directions
The main reasons for stratification in a sedimentary rock are:
Change in color

Change in grain size

Change in rock type
Can sedimentary structures for in an igneous rock?
In what environment do symmetrical ripple marks form?
Shallow wave zones
Can the wind form ripple marks?
What type of sedimentary structure could a worm form?
The dark sands on the beach are called what kind of minerals?