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bedding plane
a nearly flat surface seperating two beds of sedimentary rock, marks the end of one deposit and the beginning of another having different characteristics
beds (strata)
parallel layers of sedimentary rock
a type of chemical sediment that forms when material dissolved in water is precipitated by water-dwelling organisms. Shells are common examples
one way in which sedimentary rocks are lithified. As material precipitates from water from that percolates through the sediment, open spaces are filled and particles are joined into a solid mass
chemical sedimentary rock
sedimentary rock consisting of material that was precipitated from water by either inorganic or organic means
clastic texture
sedimentary rock texture consisting of broken fragments of preexisting rock
a type of lithification in which the weight of overlying material compresses more deeply buried sediment. It is most important in the fine-grained sedimentary rocks such as shale
structure in which relatively thin layers are inclined at an angle to the main bedding. Formed by currents of water
crystalline texture
an orderly arrangement of atoms
derital sedimentary rock
rocks that form from the accumulation of materials that originate and are transported as solid particles derived from both mechanical and chemical weathering
a collective term for all the chemical, physical, and biological changes that take place after sediments are deposited and during and after lithification
environment of deposition
a geographic setting where sediment accumulates. Each site is characterized by a particular combination of geologic processes and environmental conditions