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study of rock relationships withing a chronostratigraphic framework
sequence stratigraphy
3 main surfaces in sequence stratigraphy
sequence boundary, maximum flooding surface, transgressive surface
regional surface of erosion caused by a base level fall
sequence boundary
regional downlap surface representing the maximum encroachment of the sea
maximum flooding surface
surface that marks the erosion as the shelf is being flooded
transgressive surface
sediments deposited withing a particular part of a cycle
systems tracts
3 types of systems tracts
lowland, transgressive, highland
deposits above the sequence boundary but below the transgressive surface
lowland systems tract
deposits above the transgressive surface and below the maximum flooding surface
transgressive systems tract
deposits lying above the maximum flooding surface and below the surface boundary
highland systems tract
alignment of particles in igneous rocks when it drops below the curry point
thermal remnant magnetism