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What is Simpsons?
A trojan hours that deletes files on selected drives using an extracted BAT file. Uses deltree.exe
What is authentication
Verification process that ensures the identity of a user or system
What is DES?
A symmetric key encryption algorithm that uses a random key selected from a large # of shared keys
Where does the SSL protcol occur?
between the HTTP (application) and TCP (Transport)Layers
What type of encryption does S/MIME use?
asymmetric RSA
What encryption scheme does PGP use?
RSA or Diffe-Helman
What is Nuker?
Trojan horse designed to function as a DoS attack against a workstation connected to the internet.
What 8 things do certificates usually contain?
CAs name, CAs digital signature, serial number, serial #, issue date, period of validity, version, subject or owner, subject or owners public key
Define RSA
used for encryption and digital signatures, may be of any key length and works by multiplying two prime numbers
What is the Melissa virus?
Macro virus that sends an email to the first fifty addresses in the OAB
What is Netbus/
Allows a user to access and control a machine via the internet
What are the four main elements of non-repudiation/
1. Proof of origin, 2. Proof of submission 3. proof of delivery 4.. proof of reciept
Define Diffie-Helman
Also called exponential key agreement, 2 parties w/o prior arrangments can agree upon a secret key that is only known to them
What is blind FTP?
Where users can upload/download files but cannot see the contents of the folders on the server
Defin the Rivest Cipher
RC2, RC4, RC5, RC6. Most commonly implemented and works by multiplying two prime numbers
What is IDEA?
The default encryption method used in SSH uses 128-bit symetric key block cipher
What does SNMPv2 use for authentication/
Wha six things does PKI provide?
1. Identity authentication, 2. integrity verification
3. privacy assurance
4. access authorization
5. transaction authorization
6. non-repudiation
What is non-repudiation
provides through encryption, a method in which there is no refute from where data has come
In what two ways are SSL/TLS data streams compromised
1. Through cryptographic identification of the key
2. during the handshake process
What IPSEC service provides authentication and encryption?
Define El Gamal encryption
an extention to the Diffe-Helman design. Developed digital signatures, designed a complete public key encryption algorithm
What is your best weapon against a DDOS attack/
Get in touch quickly with your upstream ISP
What is the I love you virus?
A Melissa variant that emails all addresses in the OAB and infects the Normal.Dot
What is WAE
Wireless application environment
Where is CGI interpreted?
on the server system
Define Blowfish
a block cipher that can easily encrypt using any size chunk of data and perform encryption up to 448-bits
What protocol does RADIUS rely on?
What is XKMS?
defines protocols for distributing and registering public key information for use with XML signatures
What is a hash?
A generated summary from a mathmatical rule or algorithm that is used to verify the integrity of the files