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perhaps fought King Sennacherib.
conflict with Pharisees
Alexander Janneus
invaded India.
Alexander the Great
took control of palestine away from the ptolemies.
Antiochus III the Great
desecrated the jewish temple holy of holies.
Antiochus IV Epiphanes
Idumean instrumental in capturing Jerusalem named Procurator.
retreated in the face of the Babylonian might.
Apries (Hophra)
Banished by Augustus to Gaul.
first to take the name king
defended Jerusalem against Hyrcanus II and antipater
Aristobulus II
established cruelty as a means of controling people.
Ashur-Nasirpal II
Assyrian who ruled what was left of Assyrian empire.
Ashuruballit II
Assyrian who brought Manasseh of Judah under his control.
last king of Media
Reigned during Rome's greatest glory.
Augustus Caesar
acting ruler when babylon fell.
Benhadad I
Aramaean alliance with Asa against Israel.
Benhadad II
Aramaean who suceeded Hazeal.
Mentally unbalenced
Cambyses I
Son of Cyrus I
Sucessful Military campaign into Britain. Acts 11:28
Cleopatra VII
sought to restore Ptolemaic empire.
Joined Nabopolassar to capture Nineveh.
Cyrus I
Persian Late 7th century ruler.
stabilized Babylonian Government by recognizing Marduk.
released imprisoned king Jehoiachin of Judah.
Elisha predict he would rule smothered Benhadad
Herod Agrippa I
sucessor of Antipas, killed James imprisoned Peter smitten by a terrible disease
Herod Agrippa II
the agrippa almost persuaded by Paul.
Herod Antipas
Tetrarch of Galilee, He was the herod of Christ's Ministry/Crucifixion
Herod Philip II
He built Caesaria Philippi and rebuilt Bethsaida.
Herod the Great
His cruelty was demonstrated in his actions of killing family members and babies in jerusalem.
John Hyrcanus
he forced the Idumaens to become Jewish.
Hyrcanus II
was an ally of the Pharisees and fought against Aristobolus II and the Sadducees.
became both governor and high priest of Judah.
Judas the Maccabee
Recaptured Jerusalem and Cleansed the temple.
Julius Caesar
formed the first triumvirate with pompey and Crassus
Ignited the Maccabean revolt.
The chaldean who was twice ruler over Babylon.
Son in law of Nebuchadnezzar.
able to break Chaldea away from Assyria.
Nebuchadnezzar II
King who captured Jerusalem.
Necho II
Egyptian who defeated Josiah in the valley of Meggido.
when his mind deteriorated he became ruthless
Orsokon II
Egyptian whom formed alliance with Israel in face of Assyria.
Philip II of Macedon
annexed Greece to his domain.
Psametichus I
United egypt internally
Ptolemy I Soter
Took Egypt and gained control of Palestine.
Ptolemy II Philadelphus
Developed Alexandrian Library.
last king of Damascus
became enemy of Solomon
Salome Alexandra
Reigned after being the widow to Aristobulus and Alexander Jannus
Sargon II
Assyrian who completed the conquest of Samaria
Seleucus I Nicator
the general who gained Syria
he approached Jerusalem under Hezekiah.
Shalmaneser III
Assyrian who faced the great syrian Confederation at Qarqar.
Shalmaneser V
Assyrian who attacked Samaria but died before he completed the conquest.
Shishak I
waged war with Rehoboam
Last of the sons of Mattathias.
the egyptian whom Pharoh Hoshea relied upon.
egyptian who opposed three Assyrian kings
Caesar at the time of Christs death.
Tiglath-Pileser III
Assyrian who recieved tribute from syrian-Palestinian Vassals.
Battle of Charchemish
The Assyrians were wiped out as a power in 605 bc
Black Obelisk (Stela)
Describes the military accomplishments of Shalmaneser III
Fall of Nineveh
the final blow came under a joint medo-Babylonian Siege in 612 bc
Moabite stone
Describes the military accomplishments of Mesha of Moab and mentions Omri and Ahab
Sheshonq Inscription
Heiroglyphic writing describing the accomplishments of Shishak I.