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Robin Morse
Vice President
Cody Guerrero
First Knight
Dan Sofranko
Philanthropy Director
Chris Palmer
Micah Cyrus
Activities Director
Jack Waldron
Recruitment/Rush Chair
Lorie Lodico
Alumni Chair
Rob Day
Luke Thominet
Bonfire Chair
Ryan McAllister
What alumnus is considered the greatest american hero
John Wayne
Who founded the Trojan Knights and in what year?
Lindley Bothwell, Harry Pryor, Harry Kennedy, 1921
Who is given the Forest Twogood Award, and who recieved it last?
Most Outstanding Senior Knight, Dan McConnell
What are the seven carvings on the Galen Center?
Saxophone, Volleyball Player, Basketball Player, Violinist, Graduates, Ballet Dancer, Gymnast
What do the carvings on the Galen Center represent?
Symbolize the activities that will take place inside the Galen Center.
Who sculpted the Galen Center?
Dean and Jay Tscshetter
What are the two current philanthropies of the Knights?
Knight Bowl, Pumpkin Carving
What is the name of the annual Knights Spring Party?
Tiki Cruise
What is the Knights official newsletter?
Who are the Knights advisors?
Steve Foral
Ron Orr
Andrea Kathol