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El Alamein
The Egyptian village the Germans had advanced to, before General Bernard Montgomery had taken control of British forces in North Africa.Montgomery was forced to launch a massive frontal attack on the night of October 23, which took the Axis forces by surprise, but by November 3, Rommel's army had been beaten and he and his forces retreated westward.
Erwin Rommel
GEneral of the Afrika Corps in North Africa. Nicknamed the "desert fox", took the key port city of Tobruk in June 1942. Was beaten and battered by Allied troops until his Afrika Corps were finally annhilated in May 1943.
Operation Torch
As Erwin Rommel retreated westward, an Allied force of 107,000 troops landed in Morocco and ALgeria. Led by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Afrika Corps were smashed in May 1943.
April 12, 1945
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dies.
General Bernard Montgomery
Sent in by London after Tobruk's fall, to take control of British troops in North Africa.
On July 10, 1943, Allied forces of 180,000 soldiers landed on Sicily and captured it from German troops by August. This conquest led to Mussolini's being fired from his post as "King" Emmanuel finally summoned the balls to do so.
General George Patton
Commanded the Third Army, which raced through the hole in German defenses on July 25.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
U.S. General who was named by U.S. Army Chief of Staff George Marshall as supreme commnader of the Allied forces in Europe. Led Operation Troch as well as Operation Overlord.
Casablanca, Morrocco
One of the two places that the ALlied forces landed in order to corner the Afrika Corps.
September 3, 1943
Italy officially surrenders.
Battle of Stalingrad
Turning point of the war. German armies met their match in the Soviet Union. Began on August 23, 1942. Luftwaffe went on nightly bomb raids, so much of the city was ablaze and in rubble. Even though things lloked REALLY bad, Stalin ordered the city be defended at all costs, "not one step backward"! By November 1942, Germans controlled 90% of the ruined city, but Soviet troops surrounded the city and cut off all supply lines to the Germans. February 2, 1943, 90,000 frost-bitten half-starved Germans surrendered to the Soviets, which were all that remained of an army of 330,000.
General Friedrich von Paulus
German general that begged Hitler for an order to retreat.
Served mainly to inspire the people in the war effort, and even identify who (or what) was "bad".
June 6, 1944; Date chosen for Operation Overlord to commence.
Operation Overlord
Greatest and largest land and sea attack in history. Launched by Eisenhower, complete with a dummy attack on Calais, and a massive attack on Normandy.
Due to unfair propaganda schemes (amongst other factors), all Japanese and Japanese Americans in America were relocated to internment camps all over the country. Considered a gross violation of civil rights, and it was not until over 40 years later that the U.S. government seek to apologize to the survivors and their kin.
Battle of the Bulge
December 16, Germans broke through a weak Allied defense line along the Ardennes. Although surprised, the Allies fought back and won.
Native-born Japanese Americans.
Relocation camps
May 8, 1945
Official surrender of the THIRD REICH.
Suicide pilot bombers, who would crash dive their planes (which were filled with bombs) into Allied ships in an effort to sink them.
Enola Gay
The planes which carried the atomic bomb destined for Hiroshima.
August 6, 1945
Hiroshima is bombed.
Iwo Jima
An island 660 miles away from Tokyo, which was taken by AMerican Marines in March 1945.
Island only 350 miles away from southern Japan, on which U.S. troops landed. On June 22, the bloodiest land battle of the war ended.
Manhatten Project
THe top-secret government sponsored project that sought to create an atomic bomb. Was led by General Leslie Groves and chief scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer.
Total War
Military strategy where BOTH military and civilians are attacked with massive forces in order to break a country's spirit.
September 2, 1945
Japan officially surrenders.
Harry Truman
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's successor to the presidency. Didn't even know of the atomic bomb's existence until assuming presidency. Threatened Japan with a "rain of ruin" from the air after testing the bomb in a desert in New Mexico.
February 13, 1945, 800 British and American bombers launched a massice air attack on Dresden (German city southeast of Berlin). Some 4,00 tons of bombs were dropped, creatd raging firestorms. It all reduced Dresden to rubble, and did nothing to serve any military purpose.