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USC's original nickname
The Fighting Methodists
Who gave us the name Trojans?
Owen Bird
What year did we get the nickname Trojans?
Which event does the Trojan nickname refer to?
1912 Stanford-USC track meet
In what year did USC field its first football team?
Who was USC's first all-american, in what year, and why was he special?
Brice Taylor in 1925, born without a left hand, part of a world-record setting 1 mile relay team
Who won the first annual Lexus Gauntlet Trophy, and what was the final score?
USC in the 2001-2002 season, 55-55 tie, USC won the tiebreaker
Who stole the Victory Bell, and in what year?
6 Trojan Knights who were also in the Sigma Phi Epsilon frat, in 1941
In what year did UCLA originally recieve the bell?
Which three spirit organizations give out pom poms?
Trojan Knights, Helenes, Trojan Pride
Which two organizations ring the victory bell at home games?
Trojan Knights and Helenes
Who was the original owner/rider of Traveler, and in what year did it make its first appearance?
Richard Saukko, 1961
Which organization used to Burn the Bruin every year?
Trojan Pride
Last head football coach to be selected coach of the year by both the FWAA and AFCA, and in what year?
John McKay, 1972
Which head football coach had the most victories, and how many?
John McKay, 127
When was the last season USC was ranked #1 by both the UPI and AP polls?
What is USC's record in the Rose Bowl?
Which coach led the women's basketball team to national championship wins in 1983 and 1984?
Linda Sharp
How many NCAA baseball championships has USC won, and what year was the last one?
12, 1998 (under Mike Gillespie)
What Trojan Knight was the coach for the yell leaders and song girls?
Lindley Bothwell
How many Olympic gold medals have USC athelets won?
Which Trojan Knight rode a white horse at a football game prior to Traveler, and in what year?
Arthur J. Gontier III, 1954
When did USC attempt its first card stunt, and how many cards were there?
October 21, 1922. 3828 cards