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Name all the lines of latitude and poles in the right order.
1. North Pole
2. Arctic Circle
3. Tropic of Cancer
4. Equator
5. Tropic of Capricorn
6. Antarctic Circle
7. South Pole
3 types of climatic zone
1. Tropical
2. Temperate
3. Polar
2 types of climate within tropical zone
1. Equatorial
2. Savanna
Tropical grass vegetation is called
Savanna Vegetation
Tropical grasslands occur mainly in
Africa, South America and Australia
Tropical grassland areas consist of
Grassland with some trees and shrubs
Tropical grassland areas have
Convection rain in summer, Dry winter season
Convection rainfall is caused by
Intense surface heating and uplift of air
Deciduous trees
Trees that lose their leaves during the dry winter season
Process of shedding trees' leaves to prevent loss of water through the leaves
Reason of why acacia trees is common in African tropical grassland areas
Can survive fires
Reason why the climate make cattle ranching difficult in Kenya
Hot weather condition, water shortage
Solution to overcome the problem of drought in Kenya
Developed sinking well for underground water
Overgrazing definition
too many cattle grazed an area with too little grass
Reason for overgrazing
Small area of land
Other animals compete for grazing in the cattle ranching areas of Kenya
Wildlife animals
Solution to help the pastorals to market their cattle
Through the Livestock Marketing section of the Ministry of Agriculture
4 types of agriculture practised in East Africa
1. Semi-Nomadic Cattle Herding
2. Subsistence farming
3. Estate farming
4. Cattle Ranching
People who lived in East Africa
Subsistence farming definition
Growing food for themselves and their families
Other name for 'Shifting Cultivation'
Masai village
Main food crop of Tanzania
Reason for why the grain stores built on stilts
To prevent rats and mice eating the grain
Materials used to make traditional hut
Framework of thin branches covered with woven grass and plastered with clay and dung
Reason why the farmers have to move to a new clearing
Soil losses its fertility
Describe how the vegetation adopt to the environament
Having deep roots to search for underground water
Define Rural-urban migration
People moving from rural to urban areas
Define rural depopulation
Country area losing its population
Give 5 pull factors why people move from rural to urban areas
1. Soil erosion
2. No work
3. Drought
4. Boredom
5. Famine
5 pull factors why people move from rural to urban areas
1. Entertainment
2. Better housing
3. Good roads
4. Better education facilities
5. Work in a factory
4 problems for people living in Shanty Town
1. No postal address
2. No drainage and sewage system
3. Diseases easily spread quickly
4. No public facilities
4 problems in rural areas
1. Rural depopulation
2. Birth rate decrease
3. Old people, women and children worked on farm
4. Family split up
Define estate farming
A large farm which only one crop is grown
Irrigation system definition
The distribution of water to the land by man-made methods
2 problems faced by Kenyan cattle rancher
1. Water shortage
2. Cattle disease
1 solution to the problems faces by Kenyan cattle rancher
Use special breed of cattle
Define game reserve
Large area where the wild animals are protected
2 advantages of game reserve
1. People can take photos of real wildlife animals
2. Create job oppurtunities
2 disadvantage of game reserve
1. Can harm local culture/custom and tradition
2. Increase crime rate
1 country in Africa that have game reserve
A sandy desert with sand dunes
An extensive rock surface
A desert valley
A desert surface covered by stones
A rugged upland desert area
Urbanisation caused by
Increase in natural increase
2 push factors that caused rural-urban migration
1. Boredom
2. No electricity
2 problems arise to the migrants when moved to urban area
1. No proper house to live in
2. Not enough money
2 reasons why African cities grown so fast
1. Rural-urban migration
2. Increase in natural increase
2 pull factors that attract people to cities
1. Better housing
2. Better educational facilities
Shanty town are built from
waste materials
3 problems faced by the people living in these shanty towns
1. No drainage and sewage system
2. No postal address
3. No public facilities
Location of shanty towns
Outskirts of many cities
1 result of this rapid growth of cities
Family split up