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TWO reforms of Sir Hugh Low
1. Established the Perak State Council
2. Established a State Treasury
TWO reasons for the British intervention in Malaya
1. Anarchy in the Malay states
2. Demand for tin
TWO European countries that had colonies in the East
Britain and France
When did the Straits Settlements become a Crown Colony?
In 1867
Which office controls the Straits Settlements?
Colonial Office in London
TWO Chinese clans that fought for tin mining areas in Perak
1. Ghee Hin
2. Hai San
What were the Kew Letters?
Kew Letters were used to give the British the right to take over Dutch possessions in the East
TWO reasons why Penang wasn't suitable as a naval base
1. Unsuitable trading centre
2. High cost of administration
What were the 3 effects of immigration to Malaya?
1. Provided cheap labours
2. Revenue increased
3. Became multi-ethnic nation
When was the Federated Malay States formed?
In 1896
First Resident-General of the Federated Malay States
Sir Frank Swettenham
Other name for the Anglo-Dutch Treaty
The Treaty of London
When did the Treaty of London sign?
When did the British occupy Java?
In 1811
Lieutenant-Governor of Java
Sir Stamford Raffles
TWO terms of Pangkor Engagement
1. Raja Abdullah was made as Sultan of Perak
2. British Resident was appointed as advisor
TWO reasons for the development of Rubber Industry in Malaya
1. Development of motor-car industry
2. Investment by British investors
TWO states which joined the Federated Malay States
1. Perak
2. Pahang
TWO reasons why European traders needed a port of call in the east
1. To harbour ships
2. Trade
Residential System definition
The British system of indirect rule and was to advice sultan on all matters of administration except Islamic religion and Malay customs
TWO of the jobs of a British Resident
1. Maintain Law and Order
2. Promote economic activities
Date of J.W.W Birch died
In 1875
J.W.W Birch killer
Maharaja Lela
TWO advantages of the Residential System
1. Economic development
2. Growth of towns
TWO disadvantages of the Residential System
1. Weakened the power of the sultans
2. No co-ordination among states