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the time it takes for a router to recognize a best path in the event of a change or network outage.
Convergence Time
the routing protocol of internet backbones and is not used to route between nodes on an autonomous LAN, it is used on border and exterior routers.
BGP-border gateway protocol
are combinations of networking hardware and software that connect two dissimilar kinds of networks.
the physical layout, or pattern, of the nodes on a network.
Physical topology
consists of a single cable connecting all nodes on a network with out intervening connectivity devices. devices share the responsibility for getting data from one point to another.
Bus Network
each node is connected to the two nearest nodes so that the entire network forms a circle.
Ring Topology
every node on the network is connected through a central device, such as a hub or switch.
Star Topology
uses the physical layout of a star in conjunction with the ring topology’s data transmission method.
Star Wired Ring
refers to an entire organization, including its local and remote offices, a mixture of computer systems, and a number of departments.
a linked series of devices.
Daisy chain
is the cabling that connects hubs, switches, and routers on a networks
network backbone
uses a router or switch as the single central connection point for multiple subnetworks
Collapsed Backbone
handles heavy traffic going through the collapsed backbone
refers to the way in which data is transmitted between nodes, rather than the physical layout of the paths that data takes.
logical topology
a connection is established between two network nodes before they begin transmitting data.
Circuit switching
a component of a networks logical topology that determines how connections are created between nodes.
the interference of one networks node’s data transmission with another network node’s data transmission
each node waits its turn before transmitting data, to avoid interfering with other node’s transmissions.
CSMA/CD-carrier sense multiple access collision detection
enables multiple nodes to simultaneously transmit and receive data over different logical network segments.
switched Ethernet
a 3 byte packet, called a token, is transmitted from one node to another in a circular fashion around the ring.
Token Passing