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Disposal Action Label consists of?
It records the retention period, disposal action and the authority. The information is typed in all caps and natural caps. The label is placed in the top right corner of the file folder.
3 items required on label:
a) Retention period
b) Disposal action
c) the authority
How many labels will be placed on a file folder and what are they?
Each folder will posses three labels
1) "File Identification" label
2) "Date" label
3) "Disposal Action Label".
When are files pertaining to money established?
Files that pertain to "money" or fiscal matters (like those in the 7000 series), are established on a fiscal year basis, i.e., open on 1 October of each year.
What would be the Open Date for a file
Open Date. The opening date for a file is dated the day a file is established
How is the Authority Written on a label
Authority. On the next available line after the "Disposal Action" type the authority I.E. SECNAVINST 5212.5D,
- Temporary files have the number and the abbreviation for months or years required for retention typed one space after the paragraph number and in all caps. I.E.

Part III, Chap 1,
Par. 1000(2) 2 YRS

- Permanent files have "PERM" typed one space after the paragraph number and in all caps. I.E.

Chap 1, Par. 1000(1) PERM
File Identification Label consists of?
It consists of the SSIC and Subject title. The SSIC and title are typed in all caps with one space between the SSIC and the title. The label is placed in the top left corner of the file folder.
What day are all files suppost to be established
All correspondence files except those dealing with money (fiscal) are established on a calendar year basis, i.e., open on 1 January of each year.
How many pieces of correspondence must accumulate before we open a new file
When 10 or more pieces of correspondence with same SSIC accumulate in the major subject group file; open a new file for that specific SSIC.
open date will reflect the earliest dated document in the new file
What part of the manual do we find the instuctions we need for preservation, disposition and security of the records
Part III, Retention Standards for Naval Records is where we find the instructions we need to ensure the systematic preservation and security of valuable records and their orderly disposition through destruction, transfer, or retirement.
When and How do we establish files for holding.
When establishing unit files at the beginning of a new calendar year, make 13 "general" folders (1000-13000) representing the 13 major subject groups. File all documents per their assigned SSIC within these folders
Date Label consists of?
It records the dates a file folder was opened and closed. The dates are centered on the label with the open date on top and the close date on the bottom. (You will not be able to record the close date until you actually close the file.) The dates are listed in the format DD MMM YYYY, all caps and underlined. The label is placed in the top center of the file folder.
What is the difference between Temporary records and Permanent records
Temporary records are those records that can be disposed after a specific period of time or after a specific event occurs. They are destroyed. Permanent records are those that have research, legal, or historical value and are retired or transferred to an outside agency
At what capacity do we open new files
When a file reaches it 3/4" capacity; open a new file for that SSIC. The open date will reflect the day after the last file was closed. I.E. If on the 14th of April your folder reached its 3/4" capacity, you would close that folder on 14 April and create a new folder with an open date of 15 April; the new file will close when full or at the end of the year.
How many sections are Part III broken down in and why.
Part III is broken down into 13 chapters, one chapter for each of the 13 major subject groups identified in the SSIC manual
How many parts are their to the DISPOSITION MANUAL
There are five parts to the Navy and Marine Corps Records Disposition Manual (SECNAVINST 5212.5):
(1) Part I, Authority and Procedures for Records
(2) Part II, Applying Records Retention Standards
(3) Part III, Retention Standards for Naval Records
(4) Part IV, Decommissioned Vessels' Records
(5) Part V, Records of Armed Conflict