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Who is responsible for directing the implementation of the information assurance (IA) program within the command?
The sensitivity level that has the potential for no impact and/or damage as duties have limited relation to the agency mission is known as?
Non-Sensitive (NS)
Who bears executive responsibility for the security of the Nation?
President of the United States (U.S.)
The sensitivity level that has the potential for some to serious impact and/or damage is known as?
Non-critical Sensitive (NCS)
PSIs will not normally be requested for any civilian or military personnel who will be retired, resigned, or separated with less than?
One year service remaining
What is the currently approved method of requesting PSI products from OPM to support determinations of eligibility for assignment to sensitive national security positions or access to classified national security information?
Standard Form 86
What is defined as the ability and opportunity to obtain knowledge of classified information?
Every command in the Navy and Marine Corps eligible to receive what is required to designate a security manager in writing?
Classified information
How often should the Personnel Security Appeals Board convene?
What is a key component of an effective continuous evaluation program?
Effective security education program
Where will sensitivity and IT position determinations be recorded?
The importance given by the commanding officer determines the effectiveness of what?
Commands Security Program
Who is responsible for day-to-day Personnel Security Program management?
Commanding Officers
Who provides centralized coordination and direction for signals intelligence and communications security for the Federal Government?
National Security Agency
Who is responsible for ensuring a visitors eligibility, access, and affiliation data are current and accurate in JPAS before allowing in a classified space?
Command sponsoring the visitor
Who is responsible for assigning responsibilities for overall management of the Personnel Security Policy (PSP)?
The Chief of Naval Operations, Special Assistant for Naval Investigative Matters and Security (N09N)
What is a DoD tool to automatically query government and commercial databases between periodic reinvestigation cycles in order to detect serious, yet unreported, issues of security concerns?
All PSIs requested to support eligibility determinations on DON employees are forwarded to who, when complete, for adjudication?
How many members serve on the panel for the Personnel Security Appeals Board (PSAB)?
What is the federal government standard automated request tool for personnel security investigations (PSI)?
Who is the only entity that can authorize temporary access for SCI?
The sensitivity level that has the Potential for inestimable impact and/or damage is known as?
Special Sensitive (SS)
The sensitivity level that has the potential for grave to exceptionally grave impact and/or damage is known as?
Critical Sensitive (CS)
Which phase of security education is it when security procedures for the assigned position are learned?
On the job training
Individuals desiring to present a personal appeal must request a DOHA hearing within how many days of receipt of the Letter of Denial?
10 days
DOHA will normally schedule the personal appearance to be accomplished within how many days of receipt of the individuals request?
30 days
What is defined as a removal from employment, suspension from employment of more than 14 days, reduction in grade, reduction in pay, or furlough of 30 days or less?
Adverse Action
Who coordinates the intelligence efforts of the Army, Navy and Air Force and is responsible for implementation of standards and operational management of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) for the DoD?
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
Which mandate was enacted to preclude the initial granting or renewal of security clearance eligibility by the DoD under specific circumstances?
Smith Amendment
Who is responsible for deciding appeals of unfavorable personnel security determinations (including SCI access) made by the DON CAF?
Department of the Navy Personnel Security Appeals Board (PSAB)
Who provides overall policy guidance on information and personnel security matters?
National Security Council (NSC)
A break in service is when continuous service is disrupted for a period of time greater than how long?
24 months
Commands that handle Top Secret material will designate a Top Secret Control Officer (TSCO), in writing. The TSCO must be an?
Officer, senior non-commissioned officer E-7 or above, or a civilian employee, GS-7 or above
Who must be a U.S citizen, and either officers, enlisted persons E-6 or above, or civilians GS-6, or above and designated in writing?
Assistant Security Manager
Who is the Department of the Navy agency head responsible under EO 12968 for establishing and maintaining an effective PSP to ensure that access to classified information by each DON employee is clearly consistent with the interests of national security?
The Policy Coordinating Committee is composed of how many inter-agency committees established by the National Security Presidential Directive to coordinate inter-agency national security policy issues?
Who is responsible for policy guidance, education requirements and support for the DON security education program?
Following an unfavorable security determination, a request to reestablish eligibility may be submitted after a reasonable passage of time, normally a minimum of how many months after the concluding unfavorable determination either by PSAB if appeal rights were exercised
12 months
The scope of an SSBI covers the most recent ___ years of the subjects life or from the 18th birthday, whichever is the shorter period.
10 years
Knowledge, possession of, or access to classified information is not provided to any individual solely by virtue of the individual’s what?
Office, rank, or position
Presidential support duties personnel must have been the subject of a favorably adjudicated SSBI completed within how many months preceding selection?
12 months
Which instruction would you consult concerning foreign visitors, whether or not the visitor requires access to classified, or CUI or material?
Who is the senior DoD official charged by the Secretary of Defense with responsibility for development of policies and procedures governing information and personnel security policy programs?
Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USD(I))
Access is only permitted to eligible individuals after determining that the individual has what?
Need to Know
How often must all personnel who have access to classified information receive a refresher briefing designed to enhance security awareness?
Prior to being granted initial access to classified information what form must individuals fill out?
Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (SF 312)
The designated security manager of a command must have a favorably adjudicated SSBI or SSBI-PR completed within the past?
5 years
How many levels of sensitivity are there?
Three and non-sensitive
What DoD electronic PSI request tool was developed to support the Defense Security Service?