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All of the following countries were strongly affected by the Asian financial crisis EXCEPT?
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
In the wake of the Asian financial crisis, which international institution oversaw rescue plans?
The International Monetary Fund
What terms are important to MacIntyre's argument?
Veto points, policy stability/predictability, and decisiveness/flexibility
According to Winters, what are the factors that contributed to the Asian financial crisis?
Many countries were "plugged in" to international financial markets, high levels of short-term debt, and crony capitalism
Where did the Asian financial crisis begin?
What are some characteristics of Burmese politics?
Military dominance, repression of ethnic minorities, controls on the press, no regular elections
What are some characteristics of the Burmese economy today?
The regime began to encourage foreign investment, the black market is pervasive, little economic growth, narcotics are a major export, slave labor
Which group was the main participant in the 1988 Burmese protest?
What was the outcome of the 1990 Burmese election?
The New League for Democracy won a resounding victory
After 1988, what did the Burmese regime pursue?
A policy of building up the military and concluding cease-fire agreements with ethnically-based insurgencies
What are some characteristics of the period leading up to the war between the Viet Minh and France?
The French wanted to reclaim Vietnam, Ho dissolved the communist party and formed a nationalist front organization, the French bombed Haiphong harbor, killing thousands of Vietnamese
What are some characteristics of the 1954 Geneva Accords?
It provided for elections for unification within a set time limit, the US was not a signatory, it divided North and South Vietnam into two different territories with the 17th parallel as the dividing line
Why did US support for Diem and his immediate successors (Minh and Khanh) wane?
All considered entering into negotiations with the communists or the NLF
Did the Gulf of Tonkin resolution declare war on North Vietnam?
What were some characteristics of southern Vietnam prior to the escalation of war after the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964?
The Diem regime undid much of the land reform that the Viet Minh had carried out during the war with France, Anti-Diem forces formed the National Liberation Front, which was comprised of both communists and non-communisits, the US developed and supported the strategic hamlet program, there was very little infiltration of guerillas from the North to the South.
What were obstacles to negotiations between the US and Hanoi in the mid-1960's?
Hanoi demanded an unconditional halt to the bombing, which it resisted since it wanted to negotiate from a position of strength, the US demanded a settlement that maintained the South as a separate and anti-communist country, while the North and the NLF demanded that the Vietnamese should be free to decide this themselves, and Hanoi demanded that the US withdraw all troops immediately, but the US refused because they knew the South could not stand on its own
As the Vietnam War progressed, President Johnson faced what challenges in keeping the war effort going?
A growing anti-war movement, desertions by soldiers, increased criticism from Congress
The Tet Offensive had what consequences?
It demonstrated that the Johnson administration's claims about the situation in Vietnam were overly optimistic, thousands of NLF members lost their lives, it made Americans more pessimistic about the outcome in Vietnam
After becoming president, Nixon pursued which policies in regards to Vietnam?
Vietnamization, the bombing of Laos and Cambodia, continuation of the Phoenix program
Did the South Vietnamese begin to fight more effectively after US ground troops left?
According to Abuza, SEA has become a major center of operations for Al-Qaeda because?
Links with SEA Muslims that fought with them in Afghanistan, the growth of Islamic grievances in many SEA countries, money laundering, countries of convenience
The grievances of Muslim minorities in Thailand and the Philippines include what grievances?
Higher levels of poverty than other parts of the country, settlement of other ethnic and religious groups in Muslim areas, cultural insensitivity of the Buddhist Thais and Catholic Filipinos that dominate the national government
Abuza mentions what as evidence of increased militancy among Malyasian and Indonesian Muslims?
The rising influence of PAS in Malaysia, the prominent role of Islamic parties in Indonesian elections, the emergence of armed militant Islamic groups in both countries
Before 9/11, did al-Qaeda use Malaysia as a meeting place for planning bombings and hijackings?
What does Jemaah Islamiyah advocate?
The formation of an Islamic state based on sharia