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What is intromission
Insertion of the penis into the vagina
What is Anilingus
oral stimulation of anus
oral stimulation of the penis is called...
oral stimulation of the vulva is called...
What is tribadism
rubbing one's genitals against another person's body or genitals
complete celibacy?
no engagement in autoeroticism or interpersonal sexual contact
What is paraphrasing?
when a listener provides a summary of a speaker's message in the listeners own words
What is mutual empathy?
underlying knowledge that each partner is involved in reciprocal caring for the other
How to express complaints constructively?
aware of motivation; choose right time and place; limit to 1; incorporate praise; support small steps; avoid "why"
Why avoid asking why?
People often can't explain their behavior. Asking why sometimes masks criticism.
3 step approach to "NO"
Clearly say no
Offer alternative if appropriate
What is stonewalling?
refusing to say anything-- the silent treatment
What is unconditional positive regard?
Conveying to partner the continuation of valuing and caring for them regardless of what they say.
Wet dream?
nocturnal orgasm-- orgasm during sleep