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Define LOC
Range of Motion
Define ROM
Range of Motion
Define ADL'S
Activities of Daily Living
What are the components of the mental status portion of the neuro exam?
-AOx3 -Analitical Skill
-Mood/Affect -Judgement
-Location -Memory
-Abstract Understanding
-Motor Sensory -Follow Direction
What needs to be discussed while collecting the history of the Neuro Exam?
-Client Family Neuro Background
-Dry Mouth -Meds -Culture
-Head Injury -Dev Status -Pain
-Strength -Memory -Vertigo
-Nausea -Headach -Vertigo
-Vision Changes
What is a DTR?
Deep Tendon Reflex.
List Deep Tendon Reflexes.
Biceps Triceps Patellar
Achillies Brachial Radialis
What is the Normal Reflex to a DTR?
A Reflex graded between 0-2
What is Clonus?
Repetative Response to a DTR.
What is Crepitus?
Crunching Noise or the of a Joint.
Describe the difference between Active and Passive ROM.
Active is when the client is able to move a joint under their own muscle control.

Passive is when the the joint can be moved by another person. This might be used to determine at what degree a joint experiences contracture.
Describe Scoliosis.
A curvature of the spine.
Describe Lordosis.
Sway back, as durring pregnancy.
Describe Kyphosis.
An exaggeration or angulation of the normal posterior curve of the spine, giving rise to the condition commonly known as humpback, hunchback, or Pott's curvature.
What should be included in the History Portion of the Musculoskeletal System?
Strength Pain Injury Redness
Gait Smoking Meds Spasam
Surgery Caffine Alcohol Exercise
Falls Sun Exposure
Symentry Mobility Changes
ROM Changes