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Càirdean a' Coinneachadh
Friends Meeting
Là math dhut, a Sheumais.
Good day to you, James. (s.)
Dé do naidheachd?
How's your news? (s.) (What's new?)
Chan eil móran.
Not much.
Tha mi toilichte gu bheil an geamhradh seachad co-dhiùbh.
I'm happy that winter is past anyway.
Tha 's mi-fhìn.
Me, too.
Ach tha móran sneachd ann fhathast.
But there's still a lot of snow.
A bheil thu 'dol dhan a' bhaile?
Are you going into town? (s.)
Type I collagen
very strong tensile strength; transitioned into for healing scars after a few months; bones, tendons; ligaments
Dé do chor an diugh, a Sheumais?
How's your condition today, James?
Tha cor math
(I) am (in) good condition.
Dé do chor fhéin?
What's your condition?
Chan eil mi 'gearan.
I'm not complaining.
Tha là briagh' ann, nach eil?
It's a beautiful day, isn't it?