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SCLSIS stands for?
Ship Configuration and Logistics Support Systems
NAVSEA tech specification number for SCLSIS?
Basic purpose for SCLSI database?
Serve as NAvy's central repository for ship's configuration data which includes all configuration worthy items.
What systems are excluded from SCLSIS?
Nuclear Propulsion
Along with UIC what is the primary key used to link various record types to applicable configurations records in SCLSIS?
Record Identification number (RIN)
Record Type 1
Ship Identification Data
Record Type 2
Configuration Data
Record Type 3
Logistics Support Data (LSD)
Record Type 4
Alteration Data
Record Type 5
General and Narrative Data
Which SDIF record type is not contained in the SCLSIS data control.
Record type 5 General and Narrative Data
What are the four levels of ship's configuration ID and controls?
Ship, Systems, Component, and Parts level configuration.
What activities maintain ship level configuration information with general arragement drawings and various ship level records such as weight and stability analysis?
Planning yards
What activities maintain system level configuration information with systems selected record drawings and configuration controlled drawings?
Planning yards
Along with ship and system level configuration data, where is component level configuration data in SCLSI database maintained?
How are hard copies 3-M inputs from non-automated commands inputed to SCLSIS systems?
By fowarding them to TYCOM for automation in MRMS who inturn fowards them in a normal manner.
How are outputs from SCLSIS distrubuted to ships?
What activity is the central Design Activity for SNAP OMNS system?
Navy Management System Support Office (NAVMASSO)
What activity verifies and correct defiencies between information receivved from dual sources such as installing activity and the ship?
What does the term Weapons File System (WFS) refer to
Parts level, part inventory portion, and related secondary ship component level configuration data files.
Where is part level configuration data maintained?
Equipment file of WSF which is controlled by LCM and SPCC. Part level is NOT contained in SCLSI database.
What activity is responsible for the operation of the WSF and for the processing of configuration and logistics data into the SCLSI database?
Ship's Part Control Center (SPCC)
What is the Data Flow transactions initiated in SNAP OMNS?
SCLSI database
What is the basic function of Naval Sea Logistics Center?
To serve as Central Data Exchange (CDE) for fleet 3M data.
What standard format is uesed to transfer SCLSIS data between various SCLSIS activities?
Standard Data Interface Format (SDIF)
Which activity in the SCLSIS data flow is configuration and logistics data from SNAP OMNS segrated and converted to SDIF format?
What situation led to the development of the SCLSIS?
the need to provide all managers with a single, standard source of accurate ship configuration data and to reduce fleet reporting to a single requirement.
What is reffered to as ship's configuration?
Structure of ship, defined in terms of onboard system and equipment.
SCLSIS replaced what?
Ship's Equipment Configuration Accounting System (SECAS)
Who maintains the WSF and SCLSIS database?
Ship's PArt Control Center (SPCC) in mechanicburg, PA
What is the Master Configuration file for all Navy ships?
SCLSIS database
What procedures are used to input data into SCLSIS?
Standard 3M reporting procedures (MDS)
What is the single activity responsible for the accuracy and maintenance of the configuration data for a ship's class?
Configuration Data Manager (CDM)
How are data enteries into WSF/SCLSIS database made?
Who maintains the Parts level Configuration Information data in equipment file of WSF?
Life cycle manager (LCM) and SPCC.
An inventory that compares model and serial number to what equipment is actually onboard.
Baseline Validation
On which ship's are baseline validations conducted?
First class of ships
What is an audit?
Sampling validation performed to ensure that configuration and logistics data in SCLSIS data are accurate.
An inventory conducted on items flagged during a previous audit becuase of some ID problems?
Correction validation
Verifies the configuration and logistics data being reproted for new configuration items installed?
Installation Validation