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What is an Observation?
Evidence detected by a sense.
What is Inderence?
Are tentative conclusions based upon ovbservation
What are the steps of scientific method
1.Problem is presented
2. Naking Hypotheses(a guess)
3.Evidence gathered
4.conclusion is made does evidence fit explanation?
5 New problem might be generated..
characteristics of scientific theories and laws.
1.Explain overservation and results of expirements
2.Predict new events. to be testable can be disproven
4.Will be rejected of new evidence dpes not fit the theory or law.
Appropriate lab wear is what?
1.Pull hair back.
2.Wear goggles when working with chemicals.
3.Remove or stow jewlery
4.Tuck in, gather or roll up loose clothing.
5. Wear shoes that cover the whole foot.
6.Lab coat