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Who wrote On the Revolution of the Heavenly Spheres?
Nicholous Copernicus
What book did Nicholous Copernicus write?
On the revolution of the heavenly spheres
who did nicholous disagree with? & why?
Tolomeus Almagest <-- said that universe was Geocentric
Nicholous said universe was heliocentric
Who wanted to prove Copernicus wrong?
Tycho Brahe
Who took Brahe's work and proved Copernicus right?
Johannes Kepler
What book did Kepler write?
The motion of mars
who wrote the diologue on the two chiefs system of the world?
What did galileo write?
the dialogue on the two chiefs system of the world
Who leanred about the telescope and built his own?
who developed the analetic geometry?
Rene Decartes
Who wrote the discourse on method?
rene decartes
what did decartes write?
the discourse on method
who was the father of emperism and experation
frances bacon
what were the three things that frances bacon wrote?
new atlantic, nobles morganic, and advancement of learning
what did isaac newton write?
the principia mathematica
who wrote the principia matematica
isaac newton
who discovered gravity and invented calculus
isaac newton
what were the three things that isaac discovered?
lwa of inertia, friction, and gravity
Who said the most important thing in life is to stand the test of character?
john milton
who wrote an allegory: Pilgrims Progress
John Bunyon