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The Ptolematic system-- Earth is the center
Who was the first to introdce the heliocentric system?
Copernicus- Polish
The Elipse and Laws of Planetary motion
who was most responsible for the Scientific Method?
Name the First of the Prussian Electors and what he did
Fredrick William: The Great Elector
-United Brandenburg and Prussia, they weren dominated by the Junkers
-After Thirty Years, war, he forced Estates to accept taxation
Name 2nd Prussian Elector and what he did
Fredrick William I
-Liked Soldiers and recruted a good army
-made a strong beaurocratic state where ppl could rise up according to government jobs
-military always at peace
Name the 3rd Elector and what he did for Prussia
Fredrick William II
-Embraced Culture- made him enlightened
-War of Austrian Succession doubled the size of Prussia
-Seven Yrs War in 1756: France kicked out of NA
Explain why Fredrick II was enlightened
-Freedom of Religion "Crush the infamous thing"
-Believed he was a servant of the state
Why did the French Revolution start?
-Population Increase
Why was the French Revolution different?
It changed France COMPLETELY
What happens with the crops to start the FR?
Bad harvests and deregulation sends prices high
What made Louis Jaques Necker?
Banks forced him to higher a financial minister
What did the people call for?
Meeting of the Estates General (step 1)
What does Maximilian demand @ the Estates General? What is the result?
Demands:-Nobility pay taxes, Voting
-Tenis Court Oath
What happened at the Storming of the Bastille?
The peasants stormed the Bastille for the gun powder