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Scientific Method Steps
Ask a question, Hypothesis, Experiment, Collect data, Analyze data/Draw conclusions, Form a theory from hypothesis, Communicating
Any & all info scientists gather when trying to answer questions
Technique of using a small part to represent an entrie population (Large & random)
Tentative answer to a questions that can be tested but never proved true beyond all doubt
Statement made in advance that states results that will be obtained from testing hypothesis, if supported
Process of testing hypothesis/prediction by gathering data under controlled conditions
Controlled Experiment
Test of variables using a comparison of a control group w/an experimental group
Control Group
Serves as a comparison w/another identical group/individual except for 1 factor
Experimental Group
Serves as a comparison w/control group with one changed factor
Independent Variable (IV)
Factor changed throughout experiment
Dependent Variable (DV)
Responding factor that you measure, resulting from the change in the IV
Ways of Analyzing Data
Statistics, comparisons w/other studies, sources of error
Constructing representation of object, system, or process that helps show relationships among data
Explanation supported by data (Visual, verbal, or mathematical)
Broad & comprehensive statement of what is thought to be true (supported w/ experimental evidence)
Examples of Theories
Big Band Theory, Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, Cell Theory