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used to mix measure, or heat liquids, but they are not designed for accurate measurment
are used to grasp heated materials
are "graduated" or marked with a scale for measurment. They are used to accurately measurse liquid volume.
graduated cylinders
measure temperature
used to measure liquid and helps prevent liquids from splashing or giving off nauseous fumes
erlenmyer flask
used to mix, measure, or heat liquids. Not usually marked with measurements, so they are only used to make approximate measurement
test tube
used to dispense small measures of a liquid
used to culture bacteria and other microorganism
petri dish
a source of electric heat
hot plate
measures length or width
meter stick
used to accurately determin mass to the nearest ten thousandth of a gram
mechanical pan balance
used to determine the mass of heavier materials to the nearest gram
triple-beam balance
used to determine force
spring scale
transferring a liquid from one container to another container without spilling
holds glassware above Bunsen burner