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define electric field
Area over which an electric charge exerts a force.
define conductor
Material which permits electrons to flow freely.
define static electricity
Movement of charges from one object to another without further movement.
define seris curcuit
Curcuit in which all parts are connected one after another; if one part fails to operate properly, the current can still flow through the others.
define parallel circuit
Curcuit in which different parts are on separate branches; if one part does not operate properly, current can still flow through the others.
direct current
Current consisting of electrons to flow freely.
define alternating current
Current consisting of electrons to flow freely.
define voltage
Potential difference; energy carried by charges that make up a current.
define electroscope
Instrumnent used to detect charge.
define insulator
MAterial made up of atoms with tightly bound electrons that are not able to flow freely.
define friction
Force that opposes motion that is exerted when two objects are rubbed together in some way.
define conduction
Method of charging an object by allowing electrons to flow through one object to another.
define induction
Method of charging an object by rearranging its electric charges into groups of positive and negative charge.
define circuit
Complete path through which electricity can flow.
define resistance
Opposition to the flow of electric charge.
define fuse
Thin strip of metal used for safety because when the current flowing through it becomes too high, it melts and breaks the flow of electricity.
define current
flow of charge
define ohm's law
expression that relates current, voltage and resistance