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testable questions
question that can be ancwered through an investigation
the opplaction of knowlege to improve human life
physical science
the study of Matter and Energy
idea, system or structure that shows what you are explaning
critical thinking
using certin skills to solve a problem
using secience to get information
explanation based on obersvation suporting results
scientific law
rules fo nature
green house effect
heating the earth by the atmosphere trapping suns energy
ozone layer
part of the atmosphere that protects life on earth
showing results relat to condition
factor that doesnt change in an experament
independent varible
factor thats adjusted by experiment
dependent varible
depends on independent varible
line graph
used to show trend or continus change
bar graph
used for showing information collected by counting
pie graph
used to show how some fixed quantity is broken down into parts
rate of change in pasition
instantneous speed
lazer that picks up speed
constant speed
same speed
average speed
total distance travled divided by total time travled
distance over time or direction
rate of change in velocity
rate of change in veloicty
is a push or pull one body exerts on another
balance force
force equal in size and opposite in direction
net force
always changes the volicty of the object
the tendancy of any object to resit any changes in its motion
the force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are touching each other
every object in the universe exerts a force on ever other object
most often used in refrance to the gravitonal force between earth adn a body at earths surface
newtons law of motion
a net force acting on an object cause the object to accelerate in the direction of force f= m*a

*= mutiply
air restance
in force air exerts on among objects. this force acts int eh opposite direction to that of the objects moton
terminal velocity
is the highest velocity that will be reached by a falling object
anything that is thrown or shot through the air
centripetal acceleration
accerleration towards the center of a curved or circular path
the ability to cause change
knetic energy
energy in the form of motion KE=1/2mv2
potential energy
stored energy
the transfer of energy through motion. in order for work to take place a force most be exerted through a distance
kinetic potential and work is measured in
mechanical energy
the total amount of kinetic and potential energy
law of conservation of energy
states that energy may change from cant be created or destrayed under ordinary conditions
mechanical energy
inthe moving things
energy in moving electrons
static electricty
accumlation of electric charge in an object no current flows because the electring is static <motionless>
electric feld
force surrounding an electricon that affects anything near by that has an electric charge is stronged near the electron and weakness with distance
material that allows heat or elecrons to move easily through
a materal through witch heat or electricty cant move easly
adevice used to detect preshur of electric dangers
lighting rod
metal rod mounted a top a structor and connected to earth to leak off electrly charged between clouds and earth before grow strong enough to cause lightning
potential differance
differance in electrical and potential energy between two points
closed path through whitch electrons can flow
flow of electros through conductor meshured in amperes with m meters
dry cell
power sorce that generates current by chemical reaction. dry because it uses thick pasty electrolyte in a sealed contoiner insted of liquid elecrolyte as in a car battery
wet cell
power source that generates electric by chemical reaction wet because it used electrolyte as in a autombile batery
oposton to flow of electrons through conductor measured in ohms with ohmmetter
ohms law
german physicist Gerorge Ohm stated that electric current equals the potential diffrence or voltage divided by restance to current flow
series curcut
electrical circute where the current only flows in one path if it is interupted at any point it stops current flow
parralle circut
current flow in several seperate branches if one branch is interupted
current still flows to teh others
electrical power rate
of witch electrical is conected to another from of energy such as heat meshurd in kilowat hours
kilowat hours
unit of electrial power . 1 kilowatt 1000 wats of power in 1 hour