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What causes a flood?
Floods occur when so much water pours into a stream or river that it overflows its banks and covers the land on either side of the channel.
scientists who study the causes of weather and try to predict it
A rapidly whirling, funnel shaped cloud that reaches down from the storm cloud to touch Earth's surface.
lines joining places on the map that have the ame air pressure
Cold Front
When a rapidly moving cold air mass runs into a slowly moving warm air mass, the denser cold air slides under the lighter warm air.
Lines joining places that have the same temperature.
Occluded Front
A warm air mass is caught between two cooler air masses. The denser cool air masses move underneath the less dense warm air mass and push it upward. The two cooler air masses meet in the middle and may mix.
A swirling center of low air pressure.
A tropical storm that has winds of 119 kilometers per hour or higher.
Warm Front
A moving warm air mass collides with a slowly moving cold air mass. Because cold air is more dense than warm air, the warm air moves over the cold air.
High pressure centers of dry air.
A violent disturbance in the atmosphere.
In what kind of clouds do thunderstorms form?
Large cumulonimbus clouds (thunderheads).
Stationary Front
When cold and warm air masses meet and neither has enough force to move the other.
A sudden spark, or energy discharge, as electrical charges jump from cloud to cloud or cloud to ground.