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Collison Boundary
(zone) A converging boundary that is formed when 2 lithosphere plates collide; when 2 continental plates collide they are welded in-2 a single, larger continent; When an oceanic and continental plates collide a trench with volcanic mountains form; when 2 oceanic plates collide a trench with an island arc forms
also called a formed when 2 lithosphere plates collide
Transfer of heat energy in a fluid (gas or liquid)
its the transfer od somthing (*gas / liquid)
Converging or Convergent Boundary
Forms when 2 lithosphere plates come together, or converge (collide)
it forms when something comes together
this, outermost layer of the earth
what everyone lives on
Divergent Boundary
Also called a spreading center; where 2 adjacent plates are moving away from each other
its also called a spreading center
Vibration caused by the sudden movemeber of the earths crust
something california has alot of and is caused by what we live on
Block mountains, mountains formed from blocks of crust that have been faulted and tilted as the same time
also called block mountains
Bend in rock with an anticline (up-fold) and suncline (down-fold)
it ends with these 2 things...
Inner core
Solid, innermost center of the earth
its solid and inside the earth
Outer solid shell of Earth that extends to a depth of about 100 km
the outer shell of a planet
Layer of the Earth that extends from the bottom of the crust to the outer core
2nd layer of the earth
Undersea mountain chain where new ocean floor is produced a constructuive (divergent) plate boundary
an undersea mountain chain...
Mid-Ocean Ridge
Undersea mountain chain where new ocean floor is produced a constructive (divergent) plate boundary
same as metamorphism
Outer Core
Layer of the Earth surrounding the inner core; liquid iron and nickel
surrounds the inner core
the largest physiographic province in virginia; bounded on the east by the fall zone and on the west by the mountains of the blue ridge
largest physiographic province in va