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What is Life Science?
The study of living things.
What is Scientific Method?
is often described as a series of steps that are used to solve problems and answer questions.
What is hypothesis?
A possible explanation or answer to a question.
What is a controlled experiment?
tests only one factor at a time.
What is a variable?
differs between control group and experimental group.
What is a theory?
A unifying explanation for a broad range of hypothesis and observation that have been supported by the testing of a theory.
What is technology?
Use of knowledge, tools, and materials to solve problems.
What is a compound light microscope?
3 parts, tube with lenses, and stage and light.
What is a electron microscope?
tiny particles of matter ? electrons that are used to produce magnified images.
What is area?
A measure of how much surface an object has.
What is volume?
The amount of space an object takes up.
What is mass?
The amount of matter an object takes up.
What is temperature?
A measure of how hot or cold something is.