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Fresh Water
water that is not salty and has little or no taste, smell or color
Salt water
water with dissolves salts or other minerals
water cycle
continuous movement of water through the environment of earth
the process in which water changes from liquids to vapor
the process in which water vapor in the atmosphere becomes liquid
water that falls from clouds
a ridge or continuous line of high land from which water flows in different directions.
drainage basin
a watershed, an area into which all of the water on one side of a divide flows.
the rising and sinking of cold and water layers in a lake
increase of nutrients in a lake or pond
mass of ice floating in the ocean
ground water
water held under ground
a substance liquid can flow through
a substance that liquids are prevented from flowing through
water table
the top of the region that is saturated
an underground layer of permiable rock or sedimate
a flow of water from a place that dipps below the water table.
artisian well
well in which the water flows up naturally because of pressure
the process of supplying water to land in order to grow crops
the science& buisness of raising and harvesting fishin a controlled siduation
a structure that holds back and controls the flow of water in a river or other body of water
the amount of a substance that is in another substance
sewage system
system that collects and treats wastewater from a city or a town
septic sustem
a small wastewater system, used by a home or a business
point-source pollution
pollution that enters water from a known source
nonpoint-source pollution
a pollution whose source is hard to find or is scattered
is a long period of abnormally low rainfall
the process of removimng salt from, ocean water
a measure of the amount of dissolved salt contained in water
a measure of the amount of matter packed into a given volume
continental shelf
flat, gently sloping land that lies submerged around the edge of a continent and extends from the shoreline to a continental slope
a system that uses sound waves to measure distance and local objects. Normally used under water.
ocean current
a mass of moving water
movement of water to greater depths
movement of water to the surface.
El nino
a global weather event caused by changes in the air and water movements
longshore current
water that moves parallel to the shore
rip current
narrow streams that break through sandbars and drain rapidly back to sea
tidal range
the difference in height between high tide and the next low tide
spring tide
an extra-high tidal bulge and extra low tidal dip caused by the sun and moon acting together
neap tide
smaller tidal bulge and dip that occur during the first and third quarters of the moon
an environment with all the necessary requirements for an organism to live
intertidal zone
the habitat at the edge of the ocean
shoreline areas with river fresh water and ocean salt water mix
wet swampy areas that are often flooded with water
periodic rising and falling of the water level of the ocean
coral reef
built up limestone deposits formed by large colonies of ant-sized organisms called coral
kelp forest
large communities of a certain type of seaweed called kelp
microscopic floating organism that live at or near the sunlit surface
hydrothermal vents
heated water that is emitted from openings in the earth crust
catching fish at a faster rate than they can reproduce
the portion of animals that are caught in a net and then thrown away