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a substance made of minerals and other substances
igneous rock
molten material that has hardened above or below the earths suface
sedimentry rock
layes of sediment that have been compacted and cemented
metamorphic rock
rock that has formed deep in the earths crust by great heat and preassure
rock cycle
a cycle that involves all three of the type of rocks.
a person who studies fossils
petrified fossil
a fossil that has been made into rock
carbon film
thin layers of carbon on a rock
a impression of the outside of an organism
3-d form of an organism
trace fossil
an imprint or object that and organism leaves behind
perserved fossil
an organism is perserved in amber, tar, or ice
preesure on sediment
when a mineral christalizes, water gets squeezed out leaving minerals to cement the rock together
absolute age
the number of years since the rock formed
relative age
the rocks age compared to the ages of other rocks
law of superposition
a geologic princpal that states in horizontal rock layers that each layer is older than the one above it and younger than the layer below it