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stem cell
a cell that isn't specilized but at some point it will become specilized, it is waiting for a cell to die
sperm furtalized the egg and creates a new cell
the process of cells becoming specilized
this stem cell has total potential and can form any cell in the body and if inplanted in a womans uteris can grow a full baby
it is a stem cell that has the potential to form every cell in the human body, but can no longer form an intyer human body
a stem cell that has the potential to form several different kinds of cells, but not all kinds of cells
the first eight weeks inside your mother
audlt stem cell
a blank cell that comes from an audlt= a person after born till death
invitro fertilization
docters colect eggs from a mother and sperm from the father. they join the sperm and the egg in petry char. when the eggs were fertalized they take the eggs and put them in the mother. once the mother gets pregnant tou have a lot of embryos. Not allowed in this country. Embryonic stem cells are also illegal in this country.
When a liver cell coaxed to produced inceline, which is normaly produced by the pancreus.
a donation of stem cells from an allien donater
umbilical cord
the thing that is on the babies belibuton
eight to 9 weeks till you are born
a group of organisms that can make and produce fertile offsprings
HMS Beagle
a ship that traveled around the world with Darwin
the gradual change in a species over time
the first person to come up with evolution by natural selection
help servive in a new in viron ment you have to adapt
scientific theory`
well-tested concept that explains a wide range of observations
natural selection
a proces in which an organism becomes adapted to its environment to servive
any difference in an indivitual of the same species
geographic isolation
when a group gets cut off from its species geographicly it can evolve into a new species
sedimentary rock
when a river flows into a lake or an ocean the sediments carried by the river settle to the bottom. layers of sediments build up and cover the dead organism. Over millions of years it becomes this
petrified fossils
gradualt the minerals replace the remains of the fossil and is turned into rock
radioactive elements
unstabl elements that decay into different elements
the time it takes for an element to decay into another element, it loses half of its atoms
fossil record
fossils that scientsits have collected
no more of a of member of a species is still a live
it is evolution that occurs slowly over many generation and is a steady change of species this is the way darwin saw evolution
punctuated equilibria
that evolution acures in a species over short periods of time and there is a rapid change in a species then there are long periods with no changes
homologous structures
they are similar structures that related species have inherited from s common ancester
relative dating
to determine which two fossils are older
absolute dating
allows scientists to determine the actual age of fossils