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What assumes light travels in straight-line paths?
Ray Model of Light
Straight-line path is called?
Light Rays
Ray model concentrates on light _______.
Occurs when a light ray hits a smooth surface.
Regular Reflection
Occurs when a light ray hits a rough surface.
Diffuse Reflection
Image is right side up & reversed. Flat surface. Virtual
Plane Mirror
Has a focal pt. and focal length. Image can be bigger, smaller, or same size. Upside down.
Concave Mirror
Image is rt. side up, farther away, and smaller. Bends out.
Convex Mirror
the changing of light speed causing a bend.
Every medium has a specific ____ __ ______.
index of refraction
ex. of refraction of light by the atmosphere.
Is separating into diff. colors by the _______ and ______ of each colors wavelength due to refraction.
white light
bending & separating
Any transparent material that refracts light
Thicker in the middle, light is bent towards center
Convex lens
Where the rays converge.
Focal Pt.
The distance where the rays converge.
Focal length
thicker at ends, light rays are bent outward, rays diverge.
Concave lens
When light strikes any form of matter is can be:
reflected, absorbed, or transmitted
light is transmitted throught the substance
scatters light
doesn't transmit light, it reflects or absorbs it
Depends on what frequencies are absorbed and reflected
Color of objects
Primary colors of light:
red, blue, and green
Primary colors of Pigments:
yellow, cyan, and magenta
Waves vibrate in a single direction
Polarized light
Blocks glare by allowing the light waves vibrating in the desired direction to pass through. All other waves are reflected or absorbed.
Polarized Filter
reduce glare by blocking out certain colors of light
Color filter
Produce images through reflection and refraction
Optical instruments
Make a permanent record of an image
Light picture
Controls the amount of light
What type of lens does a camera use?
convex lens
Magnifies the very distant
Telescope was popularized by:
Telescope was invented by
Hans Lipperschey
_______ Telescope is limited in size and uses 2 convex lenses
________ Telescope uses mirrors
Uses 2 convex lenses and magnifies the very small
Part of microscope lens near the eye:
ocular lens
Par the microscope lens near the opject:
objective lens