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Mechanical System
a machine composed of more than one simple machine
a unit of measure or work, equal to the amount of work done when a force of one newton is exerted over a distance of one meter
the rate at which work is done
the result of useing force to move an object over a distance
chemical energy
a form of potential energy that is stored in fuels, food , and other chemicals and that is released by chemical reactions
kinetic energy
the enrgy of motion
potential energy
stored energy, such as the energy in stretched or comporessed spring or in an object raised above the surface of the earth.
energy converter
a hysical system in which energy is changed from one form into another
mechanical energy
the kinetc energy of moving objects
simple machine
changes in size, and direction of a force
inclined plane
simple maxhine consisting of a plane set at an angle to a horizontal surfaxce, forming a ramp
a simple macxhine forms of inclined plane
simple machine consisting of a bar that pivots about a fixed point, used to increase force or motion
ideal machine
an imaginary machine in which there is no friction