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What is a cell membrane?
The protective layer on the eukayotic cell that controls what leaves and enters the cell.
What is the job of the nucleus?
The brain of the cell,it allows the cell 2 reproduce and function.
What are Ribosomes?
tiny structures in a cell that process and bulid protien.
What is the cycoplasm?
the geletin-like material that is between the nucleus, and cell membrane.
What part of a plant cell allows the cell to transfer sunlight into energy?
What are found in only an animal cell?
what type of cell doesnt have a nucleus?
prokuriotic cell
what is mitochondria?
produces most of the energy needed to carry out the cells function
What are vesicles?
vesicles transport and process materials from the endoplasmic materials to the golgi bodies.
What does a plant cell have theat a animal cell doesnt?
central vacuole,chloroplast,cellwall
What is the basic unit of life?
What is the cell theory?
they come from other living cells
the cells make up all living things
the functional unit of all living things
what is lysome
break down food
what are golgi bodies
retrieve protien and transports newly formed materials
New cells come from
existing cells
Using a microscope, many parts of a cell can be seen..true or false
plant and animal cells are similar, they are also different in shape and in some of their parts. Plant cells tend to be _________ and animal cells tend to be _______ and at times irregular.
a, spherical (oval or rounded)--------rectangular
b, rectangular -------- spherical (oval or rounded)
c,rectangular -------triangular
Both plant and animal cells have storage tanks called ___________
d,cell membranes
Plants cells and animal cells both have vacuoles. Animal cells usually have many small vacuoles and plant cells usually have...
A, many large vacuoles
B, one large central vacuole
C, One tiny vacuole
The cell membrane is the outer surface of the animal cell, but plant cells have another layer called a
A, cell building
B, cell wall
If a drawing of a cell has contains green ovals, they are probably _________ and the cell is probably a ___________
A,chloroplasts ___ a plant cell
B,vacuoles ---an animal cell
Groups of tissues are called _________.