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which moon phase is immediately after third quarter?
waning crescent
which moon phase is right before full moon?
waxing gibbous
which phase is right after waxing crescent?
first quarter
which phase must the moon be in order for there to be a lunar eclipse?
full moon
what are the two phases the moon can be in for there to be spring tides?
new moon or full moon
which phase must the moon be in for there to be a solar eclipse?
new moon
what are the two phases the moon can be in for there to be neap tides?
first quarter and last quarter
how long does it take for the moon to revolve around the earth?
27 1/3 days
how long is a lunar month?
29 1/2 days
why are there 2 days difference in a lunar month and one full revolution the moon makes around the earth?
the earth and moon are together revolving around the sun
2 ways that we know that the moon has no atmosphere?
1.sudden cut-off of light when the moon covers a star
2.sudden change from light to dark
why do we always see the same side of the moon?
it's rotation and revolution are the same
why doesn't the moon have an atmosphere?
the gravity is too small to hold gases
what is the special name for the first full moon that occurs after the autumnal equinox?
harvest moon
what moon accurs one month after harvest moon?
hunter's moon
how is easter calculated?
first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox
what is the term for the points on a crescent moon?
in which direction do the cusps always point away from?
the sun
which side of the moon bulges during the waxing phases?
which side of the moon bulges during the waning phases?
why isn't the moon as oblate as the earth?
it's smaller and rotates slower
what is the term of the moon's furthest approach to the earth?
what is the point of the moon's closest approach to the earth?
how far away is the moon from the earth?
239,000 miles
do sound waves travel on the moon?
what is the average day temp. on the moon?
what is the average night temp. on the moon?
what is a ray?
thin strips of material thaought to have been blown out by some form of explosion
what are Bailey's Beads and Diamond Ring Effect?
when craters shine from a lunar eclipse
what are maria?
patches of lava on the moon
what is the term forwhen the moon covers a star?
what is the easiest seen crater?
for whom are craters named?
greek philosophers and gods
for what are mountains named after?
mountains on the earth
what is the main reason for poeple having to wear space suits to the moon?