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What is an orgainism?
All living things
What are the 6 charcteristics of all living things?
cellular orgainization , chemicals , growth , develope , respond to surroundings , and reproduce
lipids and _________ are the building materials of cells.
The idea that living things can come from non-living things is called ?
Spontaneous generation
a table prdoucing a fly!
What are the 4 needs of living things?
living space , stable internal conditions (homeostasious), energy , and water
what are autotrophs?
What are
autotrophs - things that produce there own food
heterotrophs - things that cant produce there own food
auto - automaticaly
The 3 points of a cell theory is ?
1. living things are composed of cells
2. cells are the basic unit of structure and function in in living things
3. all cells are prouduced of other cells
what is the fucntion of Mitochodria?
produces energy for the cell
what is the fucntion of Endoplasmic reticulum?
Carrys proteins and other materials thar directs the function of a cell to another
what is the fucntion of Ribosomes?
where proteins are made
what is the fucntion of Golgi Bodies?
receive protens + other materials from the endoplasmic reticulum
package + distrubute
what is the fucntion of Chloroplasts?
captures energy + sunlight + and uses it to produce food
what is the fucntion of Vacuoles?
Stores water , food , waste , and other materials
what is the fucntion of lysosomes?
Breaks down old cell particles and large food particles into smaller particles
Anceint orgainisms are ?
Where is the cell membrane located in the cell wall?
It is located just inside the cellwall located by a tiny opening
What is the cells control center?
cell membrane
What are organelles?
tiny cell structures that carry out a specific function within a cell
A rapid layer of non-living material that surrounds plant cells are called what?
cell walls
The cell membrane controls what enters and leaves the cell true or false?
what is Cytoplasm !
a area between the cell membrane and the nucleus
what is Nucleous !
The cells control center
what is prokaryote !
an orgainism whos cell lacks a nucleous
what is Chormatin !
genetic material in the nucleus