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The Universe began to expand with an explosion of concentrated matter and energy...still expanding today
Big Bang Theory
1. a super nova-star exploded
2. a nebula was created (ball of dust, gas and elements)
3. the nebula started spining (fussion reactions)
4. planets move counter clockwise in an elliptical path (oval shape)
5. sun's gravity and law of inertia combine to start make the planets orbit the sun
Nebular Theory
24 hours.....1 day
Rotation of Earth on its axis
365 days....1 year
Revolution of the earth around the sun
How much is the earth tilted on its axis?
23.5 degress...the tilt causes seasons
When the hemisphere leans towards the sun its what time of year?
When the hemisphere leans away from the sun its what time of year?
the northern hemisphere is at it greatest "lean" towards the sun (longest day of the year)
Summer Solstice (June 20-21)
the northern hemisphere is at it greatest "lean" away from the sun (shortest day of the year)
Winter Solstice (Dec 20-21)
legth of day is equal to length of night
What is Sept. 22?
Autumnal Equinox
What is March 21?
Vernal Equinox
What are 2 features of the moon?
It is 1/4 of the earths diameter and it rotates every 27 days and revolves around earth every 27 days
What are the phases of the moon? LOOK ON PAPER AND NAME PHASES
~New Moon
~Waxing Crescent
~Half moon-1st quarter
~Waxing gibbous
~Full Moon
~Waning Gibbous
~Half moon- last quater
~Waning Crescent
~New moon
rise and fall of oceans due to moon's gravitational pull
a shadow formed by an object that is in the path of sunlight
moon comes between the sun and earth (not happen offen)
Solar Eclipes ( S M E )
earth between sun and moon
Lunar Eclipse ( S E M )
What are the classifications of a star?
-White Dwarfs
-Neutron stars
What are stars made up of?
94% Hydrogen and 6% Helium
What are the 3 layers of the sun's atmosphere?
1. Photosphere (inner)
2. Chromosphere (middle)
3. Corona (outer)
What activity is going on in the sun?
-Soler flares
-solar wind
How many planets are there?
What is the path called that when the planets circle the sun?
What are moons made of?
ice and dust
Whats it called when the earth goes around the sun?
revolution aka year
What is the name we use to describe the orbital motion of te planets around the sun?
What is the point in orbit where the planet is nearest to the sun?
When planets spin from west to east what is it called?
How long does it take Jupiter to spin on axis?
9 hours 55 min
What planet has the longest day?
Venus...spinning slowley
What planet has heavily cratered surface that were maybe made by metiorites hitting the surface
Why dont there crates get smoothed out?
B.C theres no wind or rain
What kind of cloud are in Venus's atmosphere and what do they do?
They are clouds made up of carbon dioxide and they are so thick that they trap the sun's heat and creat a "greenhouse effect"
What's earths natual satellite?
the moon
What is mars named after and why?
the Roman god of war b.c of it blood red color?
What is mars nick name?
The red planet
Where is the Asteriod belt located?
between near and distance planets (mars and jupiter)
What is red spot on Jupiter called and what is it?
its called "the great red spot" and its a thousand year old hurricane and is the most preminent feature on Jupiter
What does Saturn have the circle's it?
Which planet is the least dence in are Solar System?
What is Uranus blue-green color caused by?
methane in its atmosphere
Is Uranus tilted on axis?If so how much?
yes, its tilted 90 degress so it travels around the sun on its side
What does Neptune get its color from?
methane like Uranus
What might Pluto be?
an excaped moon from Neptune
What does Plutos surface seem to be?
What is Plutos orbit called and whats wrong with it?
Its orbit is Eliptical and it sometimes its path is inside of Neptunes path
What are the parts of a comet?
What is the Nucleus of a comet?
a core of dirty ice
What is the Coma of a comet?
gas cloud that surrounds the necleus
What is the Tail of a comet?
ice that turns to gas
a rock that doesnt burns up completely in the atmosphere and hits the earths surface
What are tides that ae not very high or not very low called?
What are shimering curtains of colored light?
What is the longest day of the year?
summer solstice
What is in the soil on Mars?
iron-oxide aka rust