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cellular respiration is...
the process by which glucose are broken down into energy (ATP) for cellular functions
______ carry our cellular respiration
all organisms
cell respiration takes place in the
cytoplasm &mitochondria
the two processes of cellular respiration are
anaerobic respiration & aerobic respiration
the formula for cellular Respiration is
Glucose + oxygen= carbon dioxide + water+ ATP
what are the reactants for cellular respiration?
glucose and oxygen
what are the products of cellular respiration?
carbon dioxide, water, and atp
Aerobic respiration produces how many ATP molecules?
How many ATP molecules does Anaerobic respiration produce?
first step in respiration
What is needed For glycolysis to occur?
glucose (6 carbon)
What is the procuct of Glycolysis?
2 pyruvic acid molecules and 2 ATP
What does pyruvic acid consist of?
3 carbon
How many ATP are produced in Glycolysis?
What does Aerobic respiration require?
Where does Aerobic Respiration occur?
in the mitochondria
What is the first step in Aerobic Respiration?
citric acid cycle
what is Kreb's cycle also known as?
Citric acid Cycle
What does the citric acid cycle produce?
co2 and 2 ATP
how many ATP molecules are produced during the citric acid cycle
what is the second step of Aerobic Respiration?
Electron Transport Chain
What does ETC stand for?
Electron Transport Chain
How many ATP does ETC produce?
What is needed to accept the electrons and make water during ETC>
What is Fermentation?
Aenerobic respiration
Where and does lactic acid fermentation occur (not oraganelle)
in animal cells
When does Fermentation occur?
when oxygen is absent
What are the reactants in Lactic Acid Fermentation?
pyruvic acid (produced during glycolysis
what are products of Lactic Acid Fermentation
Lactic acid (duh)
What does lactic acid do?
accumulates in muscles and causes muscles to feel tired and sore
Where does Alcoholic Fermentation occur? (not oraganelle)
plant cells
what is needed for alcoholic Fermentation?
pyruvic acid
what is a product of alcoholic Fermentation
Ethyl alcohol & carbon dioxide
what kinds of things are produced using alcoholic Fermentation?
bread, beer, & wine
How many ATP molecules are created during fermentation?
ATP produced in Glycosis?
ATP created during Aerobic?
ATP created during Anaerobic respiration?
Where is Anaerobic respiration taking place?
within the cytoplasm
organisms that make their own food
photosynthesis is:
the process of trapping light energy to build food molecules
what is the equation for photosynthesis?
co2 + h2o + Light energy = c6h1206+ 02 (glucose &oxygen)
if there are any reactants missing from photosynthesis:
it will not occur
What are the reactants in photosynthesis
carbon dioxide, water, and light
What are the products of photosynthesis
glucose and oxygen
what do producers catch light energy with?
the main pigment found in most producers
What does Chlorophyll absorb?
red and violet light
What does Chlorophyll reflect?
greens and yellos
Where is Cholorophyl located?
in the chloroplasts of plants and algae
What are the 2 reactions involved in photosynthesis?
light reaction
and dark reaction (calvin Cycle)
what is needed for the light reaction?
light and water
What is produced from the light reaction?
atp and oxygen
What is the purpose of the light reaction?
to take sunlight and turn it into chemical energy
What is a synonym for the dark reaction?
calvin cycle
what is needed during the dark reaction?
carbon dioxide and ATP
what is produced during the dark reaction?
what is the purpose of the calvin cycle?
to take carbon dioxide and make glucose
A process where organisms make food from inorganic chemicals instead of light
What do organisms use to make food instead of light?
inorganic materials
what are the reactants involved in photosynthesis
carbon dioxide
and water
Where is carbon dioxide used during photosynthesis?
during the dark reaction
where is light used in photosynthesis?
the light reaction
Where is water used in photosynthesis?
light reaction
When is glucose produced during photosynthesis?
when is oxygen produced during photosynthesis?
light reaction
What are the reactants of Aerobic Respiration?
glucose and oxygen
Where is glucose used during respiration?
where is oxygen used during respiration?
what are products of respiration?
When is carbon dioxide produced during respiration?
citric acid cycle
When is water used during respiration
When is ATP produced during respiration
citric acid cycle
and ETC