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whats force?
a push or pull on something
whats force measured in?
newtons or kgm/s2
whats the difference between mass and weight?
mass stays the same and weight changes depending on the gravitaional pull
whats acceleration?
rate of change in velocity which occurs when an obect is speeding up, slowing down, or changing direction
whats the formula for acceleration?
whats friction?
whats static friction? give an example
friction between 2 stableized objects
* the friction between a table and the floor
whats sliding friction? example
friction between 2 objects that r moving past eachother
* sliding furniture across the floor
whats rolling friction? example
* train on a track
whats centripetal force? example
force on something thats moving in a circle
*water in a bucket
whats velocity?
the speed and direction of a moving object
whats the difference between distance and displacement?
distance-total length traveled
displacement-length traveld away from origin and direction
what is the formula for average speed?
whats instantaneous speed?
speed at any given point in time
whats a net force?
the forces left over when the forces r cancelled out
wahts a balanced force?
any force with a net force of 0
wahts an unbalanced force?
any force with a net froce higher than 0
Whats inertia?
the tendency 2 resist any change of movement in an object
what has greater inertia? a ping pong or a bowling ball? why?
bowling ball because
more mass = greater inertia
whats the formula 4 Newtons 2nd law?
what is newtons 1st law?
an object in motion will stay in motion and an object in rest will stay in rest unless an unbalanced force acts on it - The LAw of Inertia
what is newtons 2nd law?
an object that has an unbalanced force acting on it will accelerate in the direction of that force
what is newtons 3rd law?
every action has an equal and opposite reaction
what r microwelds?
ridges, peaks, and valleys (bumps) on an object that causes friction
what 2 elements does a force have?
magnitude and direction
how can a force arrow picture help u?
they show direction and size of the force
how can u show a greater sized force?
longer line
waht do speed and velocity have in common? how do they differ?
speed is the distance something moves per unit of time and velocity is speed and direction
whats another term 4 negative acceleration?
describe 3 ways a car could accerlate?
positive negative and zero
whats is force, mass, and acceleration measured in?
force-newtons or kgm/s2
what 2 factors does the amount of ffriction depend on?
the kind of surfaces and the force pressing the surfaces 2gether
is it more difficult 2 start an object or keep it moving?
if a leaf and an acorn r dropped at the same time which reaches the ground 1st and why?
the acorn because the leaf creates more air resistence
how does wd-40 reduce friction?
it creates a smooth surface
whats an example of force?
staying on the ground-the force of gravity
how r force and motion related?
motion is caused by force