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1.what are the 5 functions of the skeletal system?
1.allows movement
2.maintains body structure
3.holds certain materials
4.creates blood cells
5.protects organs
2.what are the 2 functions of the muscular system?
1.allows movement
2.maintains body posture
3.what are the 3 types of muscle tissue and where can each type be found in the body?
1.smooth muscle- stomach
2.skeletal muscle- gastrocnemeus
3.cardiac mucle- heart
4.which types of muscle tissue are involuntary and which types are voluntary?
1.smooth muscle- involuntary
2.skeletal muscle- voluntary
3.cardiac muscle- involuntary
5.what are the 5 main types of joints and where can they be found?
1.ball and socket- shoulder/hip
2.hinge- fingers/elbow/knee
3.pivot- neck
4.immovable- cranium
5.slightly moveable- ribs
6.when a muscle contracts it_____ and when it relaxes it _____
when a muscle contracts it shortens and when it relaxes it lengthens.
7.ligaments connect ____ to ____
ligaments connect bones to bones
8.tendons connect _____ to _____
tendons connect muscles to bones
1.what is the function of the circulatory system?
controls blood flow through the entire body
2.what are the 5 main parts of the circulatory system and what are their functions?
1.heart- controls blood flow
2.blood- carries oxygen, nutrients and waste through the body
3.arteries-carry oxygen rich blood through the body
4.veins- carry blood back to the heart
5.cappilaries- connect arteries to veins