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What is the difference between climate and weather
Climate is an average where as weather is a particular time. Climate is over a large region and weather is in one place.
In which zone do we live
Which zone is closest to the equator
What are the characteristics of a tropical climate
Hot all the time; direct sunlight
Which zone is between 23.5 and 66.5 degrees latitude
What are the characteristics of the temperate zone
Warm/hot summers and cool/cold winters
Which zone is the farthest north
What are the characteristics of the polar zone
Cold all the time; tilted farthest away from sunlight, so less direct heat
What are the four factors that affect temperature
Altitude, latitude, ocean currents, and distance from large bodies of water
What is an example of altitude
For every 1km higher up in elevation you go it gets 6.5 degrees C. Mt. Kilimanjaro is 3 degrees south of the equator, but b/c of its high elevation it has snow all year
What is an example of latitude
Antarctica is frozen most of the year because it so far away from the equator and it is tilted away from the sun
What is an example of ocean currents
A cold current comes in from the polar zone, making the water colder than hte land which in turn creates a cool sea breeze
What is an example of distance from a large body of water
Because the water cools down and heats up slower than the land, it gives a contrasting breeze to the temperature of the land therefore making the weather more mild