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___ is the study of the position, Size, and composition of objects in space.
___ is based on observations & interpretations of data.
what are stars and clusters of stars called?
What are astronomical distances that are measured in units called ____ ____, the distance light travels in one year.
Light years
Our suns closest stllar neighbor is called what?
Proxima Centauri.
What is the closest galaxy to the Milky Way galaxy?
The Andromeda Galaxy
What is the hazy band of star-studded lights that cut across the night sky?
The Disk Shaped Milky Way.
The ___ ___ appears as a band of light because we are observing it edge on from within the disk.
Milky Way
Light is part of waves called _____ _____.
Electromagnetic Waves.
Gamma rays have the ____ wavelength and the ____ frequency.
Smallest, Highest.
The ____ rays are followed by the X-rays, and ultraviolet light.
Gamma rays
What light is after the gamma rays, x-rays, and ultraviolet light?
Visible light.
In the visible range, violet Light has the _____ frequency and the ____ wavelenght.
Highest, Shortest.
Red light has the ____ frequency and the _____ wavelenght.
Lowest, Longest.
What are the 6 rays?
Gamma Rays, X-rays, Visible light, infrared rays, Radio Waves, Ultraviolet light.
The ___ ____ occurs with light and sound.
Doppler Effect.
What is an example of the doppler effect?
a car that is drving honking their horn. as they get closer the car horn gets louder, but as they pass and travel farther away the horn gets quieter and a softer pitch. The higher the frequency the higher the pitch, the lower the frequency the lower the pitch. the sound changes because the car is in motion. But you must remember that the horn does not change. =)
What is the Big Bang Theory?
The Big Bang theory suggests that an explosive event must have sent the galaxies flying apart.