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Key point
measuring system
what is the magnification of transmission electron microscope
up to 200x
dependent variable
variable depending on independent variable
-found on Y-axis
Key point
scientific method
hat is a compound light microscope made out of
a tube, lenses, stage and a light
amount of space something occupies
which medical tool is done with a low dosage of x-ray beams
CT Scan- Computed Tomography
- used to show blood clots
- brain/spinal tissue images
Key point
- measured by the average energy of the molecules of a substance
what is the magnification of a compound light microscope
protecting the environment (pollution)
What is the difference between the way the Transmission Electron Microscope works and the Scanning Electron Microscope works
scanning electron microscope-3D image
transmission electron microscope- flat image
Independent variable
variable changed by the scientist
-found on x-axis
Which microscope is specialized for living samples
the compound light microscope, because it isn't magnified as much
what medical tool is worked by radiation
The x-ray
- it is used to see the internal organs
- to learn about protein structure
variable kept changed in experiment
what medical tool uses short bursts of a magnetic field
MRI- Magnetic Resonance imaging
- used to show brain/spinal tissue imagis
- to see tears in soft tissues
a unifying explanation for a broad range of hypotheses and observations that have been supported by experimentation
what is the magnification of a scanning electron microscope
up to 100x
the use of knoledge, tools, and materials to solve problems and accomplish tasks.
What are the steps of the scientific method
1-Ask a question
2-Form a hypothesis
3-Test the hypothesis(experiment)
4-Analyze the results
5-Draw conclusions
6-Communicate results
What is the Definition of life science
the study of living things
Inherited Diseases
passed from parents to children